Everything You Need to Know About the New Social Platform: Clubhouse

In recent weeks, a new social media app has created quite a buzz among entrepreneurs and business elites: Clubhouse.

What is Clubhouse? Should you add it to your social marketing for 2021? Below, we provide a quick overview of what the app does and how to potentially use it in your marketing mix.

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What Is Clubhouse App?

Still in beta testing, Clubhouse is a new platform that’s bringing voice to the forefront of social media. The platform allows users to chat, collaborate, exchange stories and more using their phone’s microphone. It’s a bit like Twitter, in that you find, like and follow people. It’s also similar to SnapChat, because audio messages disappear – nothing is saved on the app.

But unlike these other social apps:

  • Clubhouse focuses on an audio-only format (unlike primarily visual apps like Instagram, SnapChat and Pinterest).
  • Clubhouse is not about creating content; it’s about conducting high-value conversations.
  • Clubhouse doesn’t require you to stare at a screen to participate. Because it’s audio-driven, once you join a discussion “room,” you can leave the app open and listen in while also engaging in another activity.
  • Clubhouse is exclusive. You have to be invited to use it, and users are already proving to be protective. This exclusivity is rapidly fueling its appeal and setting the app up to become the next big player in the social media sandbox.

So, here’s the big question:

Should you be using Clubhouse for your marketing?

Since the platform is still in private beta testing, you can’t get on just yet unless you’ve been invited. You can still download the app and reserve your username, but that’s about it. Accessibility aside, here are a few ways you could potentially use Clubhouse in your marketing:

  • Curate content. While recording conversations in Clubhouse without each participant’s express permission is against the platform’s Terms of Use, you could create a room with the purpose of curating content related to your products or services. In theory, you’d simply need to describe your intentions in the room’s public title and description. Once established, you could use the room to pose questions, interview other participants, and then use that content to develop articles, blog posts or other types of content.
  • Create a new type of virtual club. Use the platform to build an exclusive virtual community of customers, prospects, influencers, industry experts and more. You could even use the club in conjunction with other virtual or in-person events, driving engagement and connections in real-time.
  • Leverage FOMO. “Fear of missing out” is a powerful driver of consumer behavior. Since the app is invite-only, you could use the exclusivity factor as a tool to induce and leverage FOMO – and ultimately drive customers and prospects to take the actions you want.

Need a stronger social marketing strategy?

Platforms like Clubhouse will continue transforming the ways customers engage with your company, learn about your products/services, and ultimately make purchase decisions. As they evolve, it can be helpful to have an expert digital marketing agency in your corner. If you need a stronger social media presence, we would love to chat – and find out how we can help.

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