What Are Micro Moments & How to Use Them

Over the past several months, we’ve reviewed the top 10 digital marketing trends for 2020 and shared ways your business can capitalize on them to better serve your audience, amplify your message and sell more.

Today, we’re wrapping up our series with an important marketing concept that, while it happens in the blink of an eye, is incredibly important to your business:


What are micro-moments?

Micro-moment is a term coined by Google to describe the moment when a searcher grabs their smartphone to act on their need to:

  • learn something
  • do something
  • discover something
  • watch something
  • buy something

In simpler terms, it’s the moment a searcher/potential customer realizes “I want it NOW.” During this brief, yet critical, moment in the customer journey, you have a unique opportunity to influence a consumer’s decision-making process (and hopefully choose your products or services!).

How can you leverage micro-moments in your marketing?

We live in a society seeking instant gratification. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, customers want information immediately. They are in a hurry to accomplish tasks. They make decisions faster than ever. Their patience is low, and their expectations are high.

During those extremely brief moments when they pick up their phones to begin searching, you have a window of opportunity to deliver what they’re seeking. Here’s how:

  • Identify your customers’ “I want it NOW” moments. Talk to your customers. Learn everything you can from Google about micro-moments (they have a free online resource center here). Step into your audience’s shoes and figure out how people search for businesses like yours. Use what you learn to ensure your content meets searchers’ needs.
  • Speed up your website. Check to be sure your site is mobile-optimized and loads fast (in 3 seconds or less).
  • Serve your content quicker. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) markup is part of Google’s initiative to bring the web to mobile users at lightning speed. Since Google shifted to a mobile-first index, websites that use AMP enjoy a slight boost in rankings – giving you a chance to grab a searcher’s eyeballs before a competitor does.
  • Revisit your content strategy. Review your posts, infographics, eBooks and other pieces of content to ensure they meet the impulsive, fleeting needs your audience meets by using their mobile devices. Useful, relevant content that gives searchers what they need during micro-moments makes it more likely they’ll call you when they need help or want to make a purchase.
  • Make working with you/buying from you easy. Capitalize on every opportunity by improving your customer experience. Connecting with you via chat, email or phone should be possible with a click. Likewise, making a purchase, scheduling an appointment and/or placing a reservation should be seamless and convenient.

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