Smart Marketing Tips During Social Distancing

I recently read the phrase “business as (un)usual” and was struck at how simple – and true – it rang.

For us, and for most of our clients, business is anything but usual right now.

Most notably, social distancing has created a massive shift in the way we work. Drop in visits and face-to-face meetings just aren’t practical right now. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stay top of mind with customers and prospects.

It simply means you need to be smarter about your marketing.

Thanks to huge surges in internet traffic and time spent on social media, your business actually has fantastic opportunities to stay visible, build your brand, drive traffic to your website and ultimately close more sales.

How should you market your business during social distancing?

Let’s look at three smart strategies:

Video marketing.

Thanks to advances in smartphone technology and the explosion of social media usage, video has become a cost-effective tool to help you capture attention, build brand awareness and generate leads.

  • Open for business? Showcase what you’re doing right now to help the recovery effort.
  • Changed your products, services or operations? Highlight what’s new.
  • Still planning your reopening? Shoot a short message thanking customers for their patience and briefly review your plans.
  • In this post, we share three more video content ideas to try.

Don’t worry about your video being slick or fancy. Right now, authenticity is important in marketing. Be yourself, embrace your brand’s imperfections and focus on making a genuine connection with your audience.


Right now, marketing budgets are tight. PPC is a versatile, high-performance and extremely cost-effective tool to reach your ideal audience with the right message where they’re likely spending a ton of time these days: online.

Whether you’re building a PPC campaign to increase your online visibility or generate inbound leads for your sales team, make sure to adjust your ad messaging so that it’s tactful and empathetic.

Email marketing.

Email has been used as a marketing tool for decades for good reason: It continues to generate huge ROI in any economy, for both B2B and B2C companies.

  • If your account managers are temporarily grounded, email is an ideal for reaching customers and prospects – especially since many of them may not be in their offices, either.
  • In rapidly changing circumstances, email is perfect for communicating important updates about your business, special offers and other time-sensitive information.

Pro tip: Embed videos in your emails to maximize your campaign’s impact and effectiveness.

How can BARQAR help?

While business as (un)usual continues, we’re here to provide the advice and solutions you need to market intelligently, get through these challenging times – and capitalize on the brighter days that lie ahead.

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