Progra-what Now??? Your Guide to Programmatic Advertising

Your eyes glaze over. Your head starts spinning. Your brain hurts.

Are you stuck in a nightmare 400-level college class?

Nope, it’s worse: You’ve just read the first few sentences of a blog post about programmatic advertising.

We get it. When people first start learning about programmatic, the topic seems dry. Technical. And maybe even a little scary.

But guess what? We’re going to change all that today! Below, we demystify programmatic job advertising – and explain what it can do for your business.

What is programmatic advertising?

In simplest terms: An automated way to manage online advertising.

More specifically: Programmatic is an advertising model that uses automated, rules-based bidding (often in real time), for the opportunity to show your ad to a specific customer, in a specific context. Leveraging the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence, programmatic advertising makes performance-based decisions to serve your ads to people who are the most likely to engage with them.

Here’s how programmatic advertising works:

  1. When a person clicks on a web page that has advertising space configured for programmatic advertising, the publisher of that page launches an auction for an ad impression in an ad marketplace.
  2. The ad marketplace then runs that auction among advertisers interested in displaying an ad to that prospective customer.
  3. The advertiser willing to bid the highest for the impression wins the right to display their ad to the individual.
  4. The ad is displayed to the prospective customer – who hopefully reads and clicks on the ad.

The amazing part? Steps one through three happen automatically, in mere milliseconds!

So okay, it’s fast. And it’s automatic. But…

What can programmatic advertising do for your business?

  • Make more intelligent advertising decisions. Programmatic decisions are based on data – not hunches. You can see exactly what sites your ads are being displayed on, the type of customer looking at your ads, and your costs, which allows you to make smarter marketing decisions.
  • Save time and administrative costs. With programmatic, you can set your parameters and budget, and then let the technology do the work for you. You can focus on your business, knowing that your campaign is being optimized in real time to maximize response and ROI.
  • Expand your reach and target more effectively. With access to 3.5 billion internet users, and advanced targeting capabilities (e.g., focusing on specific IP addresses, businesses, events, contextual keywords, etc.), programmatic allows you to reach your ideal audience for any given goal.

Ready to get with the program?

Contact one of our performance marketing experts to learn more about programmatic advertising – and what it can do for your business.

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