Trust Us – You and BARQAR Would Make a Great Pair

Rose and Jack in Titanic.

Sally and Harry in When Harry Met Sally.

You and BARQAR in real life!

Whether it’s in a movie or in business, the right partner makes things better. And trust us – you and BARQAR would make a great pair. As a leader in digital marketing and brand awareness, we help organizations like yours plan and execute world-class (and cost-effective!) marketing strategies that drive response and build a stronger bottom line.

If you’re ready to strike up a relationship with a marketing agency, here’s what BARQAR can do for you:

BARQAR’s Services

From website development to SEO, social media marketing to printed sales collateral, BARQAR Marketing will help you stand out from the herd, and be heard:

  1. Website Development. We offer a range of options to build a website that works for you 24/7. Attractive and well written? Mobile optimized? Designed to convert? Of course they are – but that’s just the start!
  2. Social Media & Blogging. Whether you need a comprehensive social media strategy to build your business, or simply want expertly written content published regularly to your blog, our services are cost-effective and deliver amazing results.
  3. Search Engine Marketing. Want to dominate search results and be the first business people see when looking for the products or services you offer? Who doesn’t? From SEO to PPC and everything in between, our performance marketing experts will drive more customers to your website and maximize your paid advertising ROI.
  4. Email Marketing. Email is still the “king” of marketing ROI, delivering a 3,800% return on investment! If you want an engaging, cost-effective tool to stay in front of clients and prospects, a custom email newsletter will drive awareness and action.
  5. Reputation Management. It’s pretty simple: Online reviews help build business. But building a strong reputation online is tougher than it sounds. BARQAR has developed a 4-step reputation management system that automates the process of gathering positive feedback, limiting negative reviews and highlighting great testimonials to improve your brand and your search rankings.
  6. Creative Services. Logos and letterhead. Brochures and collateral. Trade show displays. Our team of creative strategists and designers can craft a creative identity that helps tell your company’s story in a unique, compelling way.

Bottom line? If you want your marketing to:

  • increase your topline revenue and boost profitability
  • generate more inbound leads and lower sales resistance
  • make your sales people more efficient and successful
  • spur more prospects to choose your business over the competition
  • increase customer loyalty and retention
  • enhance your reputation in the industry…

…couple up with BARQAR.

If you need assistance with any aspect of your company’s marketing – from strategy through execution – just send us a Valentine (or an email – that works too).

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