You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020 – Here’s Why

Are you still relying on old-school marketing tools? You know, things like print ads, radio spots, billboards, and brochures?

It’s time to go digital! Statistics from Forbes and HubSpot illustrate why:

  • 79% of consumers have made a purchase using a mobile device in the last six months.
  • 80% of consumers look up product information, reviews, and prices on their smartphones while shopping in a physical store.
  • 65% of 25 to 49-year-olds speak to their voice-enabled devices at least once a day.
  • 79% of B2B marketers credit email as the most effective distribution channel for demand generation efforts.

We could go on. And on. And on!

The digital marketing revolution is already here – and the rules of engagement are continually evolving.  If you’re not capitalizing on the latest digital marketing trends, you’re losing ground to your competitors.

So, while people will always do business with people, and nothing will ever completely replace the human touch in business, the tide has changed – and it’s high time for your organization to create a digital marketing strategy.

Benefits of a digital marketing strategy:

  • Clarify your direction and focus. You may already have a website, social media profiles, and maybe even an email marketing program – but are you using them strategically to accomplish your overall business goals? A digital marketing strategy ensures your marketing efforts complement your business strategy; this alignment delivers better results and higher marketing ROI.
  • Define and strengthen your brand. As part of the strategy creation process, digital marketing experts can help you develop a powerful value proposition that appeals to the needs and wants of your target audience(s) online. From there, you can create content that reinforces your brand and encourages interaction with your customers and prospects.
  • Engage with (and convert) your audience where they’re already spending their time. The stats above galvanize what you probably already know in your gut: Your current and potential customers spend a ton of time online. Whether they’re surfing the web, thumbing through social media, or checking their email, a digital marketing strategy ensures your message reaches your audience.
  • Quantify and optimize results. Measured by objective key performance indicators (e.g., conversion rates, unique website visitors, bounce rates, etc.), digital marketing relies on data and metrics. As such, your marketing efforts can be tracked, measured and analyzed – so you learn exactly what works and what can be improved. By relying on data (and not “gut feelings”), you can continually increase your marketing effectiveness and ROI.

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