A Recipe for Success: Digital Ingredients for Restaurants

No matter what kind of restaurant you own, success starts with great recipes – for food AND marketing!

As a restauranteur, you put a ton of effort into controlling the end product you put on a customer’s plate. By applying the same care and attention to your online marketing, you can get more customers to come in, spend more and visit more frequently.

So, what’s the secret recipe for a great digital marketing strategy?

Start with the right ingredients.

Just as flour, salt, eggs and butter are restaurant staples, your marketing pantry should be stocked with these virtual ingredients:

  • A mobile-optimized website: One that reflects your brand and works well on all types of devices.
  • Blogging: Timely, original, relevant content that answers your customers’ top questions.
  • Social media: High visibility on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, as well as review sites like Yelp!, is essential to staying top-of-mind with customers and prospects.
  • SEO: Semantic keywords, technical SEO and local SEO are all critical to ranking well in the searches your target audience conducts.
  • Pay-per-click advertising: PPC helps you increase awareness, stay top-of-mind, build your brand and increase targeted traffic to your website – as well as your restaurant!

Use the proper tools.

You can’t expect a baker to make great cakes without a mixer or oven (well you can, but you’ll be sorely disappointed). Likewise, you can’t expect great marketing results without using the right tools:

  • Strategy and planning: Defining your target audience. Clarifying your marketing message. Choosing the right social media platforms. Creating quarterly blog content plans. Building effective PPC campaigns. Getting and keeping customers takes a comprehensive strategy and careful planning.
  • Analytics: You measure recipe ingredients, right? You need to measure your marketing results, too. Tools like Google Analytics allow you to see what’s working and what’s not – so you can refine your efforts and improve your outcomes.
  • A splash of creativity: Data is important, but people eat your food. A healthy dose of creativity injects your marketing with the right visuals and voice to appeal to humans.

Hire true experts.

Would you turn a scuba instructor loose in your kitchen to begin whipping up dishes for your customers? We hope not! Great chefs invest years of training into honing their craft. Digital marketing is no different: It requires years of specialized experience to deliver the results you need. If you don’t have online marketing experts on staff, consider partnering with a top digital marketing firm.

Be patient.

A cake takes time to bake, and the same holds true for your digital marketing. So, if you expect to publish a few social media posts and instantly have thousands of customers beating down your doors, you’re setting yourself up for a big letdown. It takes consistency and diligence for your marketing efforts to take hold; make sure you allow sufficient “bake time.”

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