Is Pinterest Worth It Anymore?

When you think of social marketing “heavy hitters,” Pinterest may not immediately spring to mind.

After all, the platform is commonly known as an online bulletin board to store and share images and videos.

But is it just a virtual pinboard, or is it a hidden marketing gem?

For many businesses, it’s definitely the latter! Here are five reasons why Pinterest is a useful social platform – and a powerful marketing tool:

Pinterest is gaining momentum. It’s steadily growing its user base, and now has more than 265 million monthly active users. That’s an increase of 51 million in the last year alone! These latest numbers put Pinterest ahead of Snapchat in terms of user base. And according to Pew Research:

    • High-income, educated U.S. households are twice as likely to use Pinterest as low-income and less educated U.S. households.
    • 34% of Americans aged 18 to 49 use Pinterest.

Pinterest is carving its niche as an advertising tool. With a reported 2 billion monthly search queries, the social platform is a great alternative to Google for businesses to serve search-based ads.

Consumers use Pinterest to find products. One Pinterest study showed that 93% of Pinners use the platform to plan or make purchases, while 52% have seen something on the platform and made a subsequent purchase online because of it.

Pinterest users are in “discovery mode.” Of the platform’s 2 billion monthly searches, 97% are unbranded – meaning that users have intention to buy, but they’re still open-minded about their purchase decision. For businesses looking to build awareness or stay top of mind, Pinterest is a great place to reach people who are open to hearing from brands they haven’t considered before.

Pinterest’s features make it easy to convert shoppers to customers.

    • Their “Shop the Look” tool allows users to easily track down and buy style and home decor products.
    • Their “Lens” tool, which is still in testing, employs visual search technology. This tool allows shoppers to use their phone camera to find online what they discover in the real world.

Should your business be using Pinterest?

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