Key Pillars to Driving Business Growth and Change: Your Process

Do it better. Do it faster. Do it cheaper.

In today’s hyper-competitive, 24/7, rapidly changing business environment, companies like yours are under tremendous pressure to keep up – or eat their competitors’ dust.

The businesses that continually improve their processes – integrating new technology to automate, improve efficiency and achieve better results – are the ones that will thrive.

Why is business process automation so important?

Like your position, your people and your brand promise, your process is one of the four pillars essential to driving business growth and change. Leveraging technology to automate business processes:

  • reduces errors, bottlenecks and delays
  • minimizes duplicated effort to save time and money
  • enhances collaboration and communication, both within and outside your company
  • makes your business more responsive, flexible and efficient
  • frees you and your team to focus on high priority work
  • sets the stage for greater innovation, profitable growth and sustained competitive advantage

What processes should your business automate?

With finite resources, it’s important to choose the right processes to improve first. Here are a few considerations for determining how to prioritize your efforts:

  • ROI: Which processes will provide the highest return on investment, company-wide?
  • Practicality: How radically will the automation affect your business (i.e., Will it turn your company upside down, or be relatively easy to achieve?)
  • Immediate benefit: Can the process improvement be made quickly and deliver a “quick win” for you and your customers? When people both inside and outside your organization derive immediate benefits, it decreases resistance to change and encourages adoption.

Automating customer relationship management (CRM) processes offers a slew of advantages in all of these areas and more – making it an ideal target for improvement.

Here are 5 ways automating your CRM can improve your business operations and performance:

1. Stronger sales.

Beyond using a CRM platform for contact management, your system can be utilized for lead nurturing, email marketing, sales forecasting and more. Sales can then spend more time: engaged in personalized communication with high-quality leads; upselling existing opportunities; generating repeat business; and engaging in other high-value, revenue-generating activities.

2. Better customer experience.

A good CRM system helps you positively engage more customers and remain competitive in today’s cutthroat business environment. Automated tools make it easy to track customer activity, capture important customer information, monitor interactions and streamline communication. When you understand your customers’ needs and make it easy to do business with you, you create a better experience for your customers – significantly improving both customer satisfaction and retention.

3. Increased efficiency throughout the organization.

A state-of-the-art CRM platform integrates processes like accounting, inventory, sales and marketing, making it easier for people throughout your company to: access important information quickly; serve customers (both internal and external) more efficiently; quickly identify and address product, process or service issues; and better coordinate interdepartmental efforts.

4. Faster decision-making.

With access to real-time data, your team can get the business intelligence it needs to adjust to changing market conditions, capitalize on emerging opportunities and make smart business decisions, faster.

5. Better performance in the field.

Mobile CRM tech makes it easy for sales and service personnel to be even more effective in the field. With instant access to everything they need – from customer background information, real-time inventory updates and marketing collateral, to tools for generating accurate quotes or proposals – right on their mobile device, your sales and service teams can work better, smarter and faster on location.

Want to optimize your marketing processes – and achieve better results?

Let BARQAR’s marketing experts conduct a free audit of your company’s marketing process automation. We’ll review what you’re doing right, suggest what you could improve, and provide practical suggestions for leveraging technology to improve your efficiency, achieve sustainable competitive advantage and boost your bottom line. Contact us today to get started!

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