Buffalo Sales and Marketing (SmarTech) Panel Discussion with Paul Teshima


I had the pleasure of attending the SmarTech2018 networking event and panel discussion last night with some innovative thinkers in the sales, marketing and technology space. One the panel were:

Charlie Locke, VP of North American Sales at Shutterstock

Paul Teshima, Co-founder and CEO at nudge.ai

Brian Prokopowich, Founder at StartupTech Unleashed

There were some wonderful ideas and insights shared from the panel but the one that really stood out to me was a quote. Paul from nudge.ai shared this quote from author Porter Gale:

“Your network is your net worth.”

It’s a really simple, but powerful concept.

If you build and nurture a strong network, you’ll continue to be successful over time and grow your net worth.

So how do you build a strong network?

  1. Embrace technology platforms like nudge.ai.
    Look for new and innovative ways to leverage your network efficiently and effectively. Don’t be the person that ignores technology or gets used to doing the same thing because that’s how you’ve always done it. AI, machine learning, big data are impacting business in a big way. Make sure you jump on board.
  2. Get active on social.
    Continually build your network and add 5-10 new LinkedIn connections every day. Connect with influencers. Learn, share, discuss. Become an active participant and don’t just sit back.
  3. Share value.
    Networking isn’t about being a pushy salesperson. It’s cultivating and sharing great ideas. If you share value you’ll earn the chance to have a deeper conversation.
  4. Be everywhere.
    One of my favorite marketing tools is remarketing. If you share value you can drive traffic back to your website. One there, you can tag those people and start remarketing on Google’s ad network. You can reach tens of thousands of people for fractions of a penny per impression.

Looking to build your network?

Contact Buffalo’s Digital Marketing experts at BARQAR. We offer a variety of tools to help grow your network, your brand and your value:

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