Bad Websites Are Missing the Call

The call to action, that is!

Does every page of your website offer a chance to convert? Does your website make it easy to be your customer?

No? Then you need to revamp your calls to action.

Wait – back up a sec – what’s a “call to action”?

A call to action (CTA) is an instruction for your audience designed to provoke an immediate response. On your website, it’s typically a button or link you add to get visitors to take a desired action – like filling out a form, requesting information or placing an order.

Smart marketers use strong calls to action to drive results.

Drawing the right people to a beautifully designed, well written and SEO-optimized site is essential, but it’s only half the battle. Once visitors arrive, you need to drive them into your sales funnel by getting them to “convert” (i.e., take a desired action). Otherwise, people will abandon your site and you’ll potentially lose business.

Adding strong and effective calls to action to your website generates response – and sales! Here are a few tips for strengthening yours:

  • Make ’em bold. Think color (a contrasting color that complements your website’s color scheme works great). Think buttons. Think easy-to-read fonts.
  • Make ’em compelling. Use direct, action-oriented language to clearly explain why and how a visitor should take action – and keep the copy short.
  • Put ’em everywhere. Add CTAs to every page on your site (static pages, landing pages, blog posts, and other content pages) – so visitors always know what to do next.
  • Get creative to grab attention. Install flyouts, pop-ups or add CTAs to sidebars (check out examples by scrolling down our Home page).
  • Think beyond “Contact Us.” Brainstorm all the actions prospects might take to advance through your sales process (e.g., schedule an appointment, complete a form, get an estimate, sign up for a newsletter, provide an email address in exchange for a coupon, etc.), and integrate requests for those specific actions throughout your site.
  • Use data to improve conversions. As you add more CTAs to your site, use Google Analytics to determine which perform the best – and further refine your efforts.

Need to overhaul your website? Have questions?

(Here comes our call to action!) Get a free website audit from BARQAR. Our marketing experts will audit your site, review what you’re doing well and provide practical suggestions for improving your website to increase traffic, conversions and ultimately your bottom line.


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