Bad Marketers Have an Image Problem

Or, should we say, a “lack of image” problem!

Smart Marketing … uses compelling images to capture attention and improve conversions.

We live in a visual world, and with good reason:

We’re wired to understand images instantly:

  • The human brain processes images 60,000 faster than it does text.
  • Over 90% of all human communication is visual.
  • In fact, we don’t even process the innate cognitive ability to process words! (So go ahead, pat yourself on the back for reading this – you’re giving your brain a real work out right now.)

What does that mean for your marketing?

Text just can’t compete with images. And marketers who fail to incorporate visuals – things like photos, graphics and video clips – don’t stand a chance against those who grab people by the eyeballs.

Get the picture?

Smart marketers use compelling images to:

  • capture attention;
  • build their brand;
  • and ultimately, improve conversions.

Here are a few ways to effectively incorporate visual content into your marketing:

  • Infographics. An infographic is a visual image, such as a chart or diagram, that translates data into easy-to-comprehend insights. It’s an important tool in a smart marketer’s arsenal, because it can help simplify a complicated subject – or make dry, boring facts more engaging. Want to give them a try? House infographics on your website; publish them as blog posts; or incorporate them into your printed collateral.
  • Instructographics. Like infographics, instructographics transform dry prose into rich, visual content. They’re ideal for bringing step-by-step processes or “how to” content to life for readers. Use them the same way you’d use infographics in your marketing mix.
  • Branded visuals. These are exactly what they sound like: images combined with your logo and/or name of your company/brands/services/products. Branded visuals are particularly powerful, because they allow you to define and reinforce your brand by associating it with the abstract concepts and emotions images evoke. Add branded visuals to blog posts as featured images. Then, post the images on your social platforms and link them back to your blog content.
  • Visual calls-to-action (CTAs). Still relying on linked text to compel people to take action? Get visual – and increase your conversions! Whether you choose buttons, banners, fly-ins or branded images, visual CTAs garner more clicks than linked text.
  • Video. Live or recorded, video is quickly gaining traction as a visual marketing tool. Facebook now allows you to stream live, and platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have made their video tools more robust. Frankly, there are too many options and applications for video content to cover in this post; you’re limited only by your imagination and budget!

Suffering from a “lack of image” problem?

BARQAR can help! We will create a simple, cost-effective marketing plan – which includes compelling visuals – to capture customers’ attention, build your brand and win more business. Connect with our digital marketing experts today.


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