Bad Social Marketers Lack Insights

(Facebook Insights, that is!)

Smart Marketing … uses social analytics to improve engagement.

So, how smart a social marketer are you? See if you can answer these three questions:

  1. What was your competition’s most popular social post last month?
  2. How many people went from social media back to your website over the last quarter?
  3. What type of content gets your audience engaged?

If you rattled the right answers off, no need to read this post. But if the questions left you scratching your head, you need better social marketing insights. Facebook Insights, for example, is one of the most powerful analytics tools around. With just a few clicks, you can instantly access a goldmine of data to help you:

  • see, at a glance, how well your Page is performing;
  • track your competition;
  • drive more audience engagement;
  • ensure your social strategy produces results.

Want to learn how to use Facebook Insights?

Here are a few basics to get you up-to-speed and make you a smarter social marketer:

  1. Get there.
    Navigate to your company Page and click the Insights menu along the top.
  2. Scan your overview.
    The Overview tab provides key metrics for your Page, your five most recent posts and how your Page compares to similar ones (which you can choose with Pages to Watch). The Pages to Watch feature is particularly powerful, because it shows you how you’re performing among competitors – and can even provide ideas for how you can better engage your Facebook fans.
  3. Find out what posts receive the most engagement.
    Facebook has an algorithm that shows your most engaging posts to even more people. Use the Reach tab’s Reactions, Comments, Shares, and More to determine the types of content your audience responds to best – and then build on your success.
  4. Learn who’s viewing your Page – and how people find it.
    Explore the Page Views tab to determine how many people viewed your Page within a certain period, as well as your top sources of traffic (i.e., how people are directed to your Page). You can even drill down within Page Views to determine their age, gender, country, city and type of device – so you can better understand the kind of people who are interested in your Page.
  5. Understand the actions people take on your Page.
    The Actions on Page tab will show you, at a glance, how many people clicked to: get your phone number; visit your website; get directions; or use your Action button (which you can customize for your Page).
  6. See which post types perform the best – and find out when to schedule them.
    Data on the Posts tab will show you how well each type of post (e.g., link, photo or video) fare in terms of reach and engagement. The When Your Fans are Online tab (which is on the Posts tab) shows how active your Facebook fans are throughout the week, so you can choose the best days/times to post content.

Honestly, Facebook Insights is so robust and powerful that we can only scratch the surface in this post. Our suggestion? Log into your account, navigate to your Insights, and start exploring. Look for spikes, as well as patterns that indicate overall upward or downward trends in activity. Use the insights you find to test new tactics, improve your social strategy – and get even better results.

Smart social marketing isn’t rocket science…

…but it does require time, insight and specialized expertise. And it’s what we do best! If you need assistance with any aspect of your company’s social, digital or integrated marketing, give BARQAR’s social media marketing experts a call today.



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