5 Must Ask Questions for a Marketing Agency Before Choosing


You’ve done your due diligence. After careful research into several marketing firms’ range of services, area(s) of specialization and track record, you’ve whittled down your list to two options.

How do you decide which is the right marketing agency for your business? Ask these questions before signing on the dotted line:

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Who will be managing our account?

Find out who will handle your account, as well as who will execute the work. Some firms have seasoned in-house experts who both manage and execute projects; others outsource to freelancers; some may even use interns. Make sure you’re comfortable with the experience level of the people who will execute your program.

How will you highlight my company’s strengths to edge out my competitors?

A top marketing agency will have done their own due diligence on your organization. They should be able to explain the ways they’ll tailor their offerings to properly position your company so that it stands out.

What work is required to get things up to speed quickly?

Nobody wants to wait around for weeks or months to launch a marketing initiative. Make sure the marketing firm has a clear, timely plan for getting acquainted with one another, completing initial strategy exercises (if required) and seamlessly ramping up your project.

What are your communication and service processes like?

If you’re paying for professional marketing support, you should get a great service experience. The best marketing firms employ communication experts who are professional, responsive and friendly. When evaluating marketing firms, learn about their communication practices, problem-solving methods and service processes, to ensure you’ll get the results (and experience) you want.

How do you structure contracts?

Make sure you know exactly what services and deliverables are included in any contract you sign. And if a marketing agency includes hefty cancellation fees or requires you to sign a lengthy contract, ask them to explain exactly why they structure their services that way. You should always know what you’re signing up for, so there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

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