What Makes a Good Marketing Agency?

All marketing firms claim they can help their clients build cohesive brands. Engage prospects and customers. And ultimately drive sales. But the truth is, marketing agencies vary dramatically in their ability to live up to those claims.

When you’re evaluating potential marketing partners, how can you choose the best firm for your business? Here’s the advice you need:

Traits of a good marketing agency:

  • Digital expertise.
    Agencies at the top of their industry have expertise across multiple channels, platforms and technologies. Choose a partner with a proven track record in social media marketing, online reputation management, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), website development, email marketing, content strategy and marketing automation.
  • Great staff.
    A marketing firm’s ability to deliver depends on the skills and expertise of its employees. Check out the backgrounds and experience of their team members, to make sure they employ experts in marketing strategy, content planning, copywriting, design and data analytics.
  • Knowledge of their customers.
    Most marketing firms put their best foot forward with a killer website. But the best don’t stop there. You need an agency that understands your industry, your business and your customers. Is the marketing firm well-versed in the challenges and trends impacting your industry? Do they have experience serving clients in your market? What do they know about the existing and potential customers you need to target?
  • To compete, your business must stand out.
    Your marketing partner must have a team of creative professionals (both visual and verbal) who are full of fresh, boundary-pushing ideas to tell your story and engage your audiences.
  • Amazing service.
    A good firm employs professional, responsive and yes – friendly – marketing experts who are passionate about their work. When interviewing potential providers, learn about their communication, problem-solving and service processes, to ensure you’ll have a great experience and get the results you need.

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