What is a B2B Marketing Agency?

B2B. B2C. Digital marketing. Content marketing. Integrated marketing…

…is your head spinning yet?

In decades past, marketing was about 4 things: Product. Place. Price. Promotion. Now (thanks to technology), our industry is evolving at break-neck speed. New trends, terms and tools emerge each week, making it tough for a typical business owner to choose the right agency and services.

Believe me; we get it. This is exactly why we’re starting a series of informational posts that explain our industry’s jargon and ultimately help you answer this one simple question:

“Is this the right marketing firm for my business?”

Ready to get started? Let’s begin with one of the most popular questions small business owners ask about marketing firms:

“What is a B2B marketing agency?”

In marketing, “B2B” is short for “business to business”; the term refers to organizations that sell primarily to other businesses (as opposed to organizations that sell to consumers, which are known as “B2C” companies.

B2B marketing agencies offer specialized expertise and solutions to meet their clientele’s unique needs. Here are a few things they do differently from their B2C counterparts:

  • They offer services that accommodate long/complex sales processes (i.e., selling to gatekeepers, procurement, accounting, senior management, end-users and more). Businesses rarely purchase on impulse or for emotional reasons, and the sales process can include many people. Educating, positioning and building relationships with a B2B takes more time and effort. As a result, B2B marketers develop strategies that are larger and scale and scope.
  • They key into different drivers. B2B audiences seek efficiency, expertise and measurable business results (i.e., a healthier bottom line), while consumers often seek deals, instant gratification, status, security and entertainment. As a result, B2B marketers pay close attention to the rational/logical reasons driving the audience’s purchase decisions.
  • They use industry terminology and long-form content to educate, offer expertise and gently persuade. B2B audiences crave information and solutions that will make them look like the hero internally. Longer form content like eBooks, whitepapers, newsletters and webinars provide the depth of information needed to make informed high-stakes decisions.

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