Bad Marketers…ARE SELF-CENTERED. Here’s How a Small Change to Website Copy Can Have a HUGE Impact on ROI.

(“We, We, We” Is Only for the Three Little Pigs)

Smart marketing…is “you” focused.

Here’s a fun little exercise:

  1. Open your website
  2. Count the number of times it uses “we” on the homepage
  3. Look at your service or product pages and look for the word “we” or “our”
  4. Now do the same thing and count the number of “you” and “your” words

Ok, so I lied. It probably wasn’t a really “fun” exercise. But it may have been an awakening exercise. When we do this exercise with our clients, we can see the proverbial light bulb go off. By reading things as the end-consumer, you quickly see the disconnect.


The Selfie-Syndrome

Like it or not, we live in a “selfie-society.” We’re so focused on ourselves we become blind to everything else. We want to sing our praises to everyone who might listen. You need to look no further than your company website or sales collateral. We’re so focused on the “we, we, we” that we neglect the end-consumer.

We offer great service… We are the best… Blah, blah, blah…

Not to bash your ego, but no one freaking cares how great you are! They are interested in the value you provide though. That’s why it’s so important to look closely at your marketing message. Does it align closely with the end value you provide, or does it suffer from selfie-syndrome?


Smart Marketers Change The “We, We, We” To “You”

No one cares about your service, no one cares about your product. People do care about themselves. They care about how your product or service is going to improve their lives.

Don’t focus on what your business does, focus on the value your customers get.

If you can flip your website copy and your marketing materials to be “you” focused, instead of “we” focused, you’ll dramatically improve response.

Smart marketers aim to use “you” 3 to 4 times more than “we.”


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