Bad Websites … ARE MISSING THE CALL (to-action)

Smart marketing…uses strong calls-to-action to drive results.

Does every page of your website offer a chance to convert?

Does your website make it easy to be your customer?

Is your website an extension of your sales team?

One of the biggest mistakes we see on company websites is the lack of call-to-actions. Many websites make doing business hard. If prospects have to work in order to do business with you – they won’t!

Here’s how to make sure your website answers the call:

  1. Identify the action you want web visitors to take. Do you sell products directly? Do you want people to pick up the phone and call you? Do you want people to complete a form?
  2. Work backwards from that desired action. What steps does a visitor to your site need to take in order to complete that action. In some cases we find they can’t even complete that action at all!
  3. Look for ways to streamline that process. If it takes ten clicks to complete an action, make it two. If it takes two clicks, make it one.
  4. Make sure people can easily “convert” on every single page of your website.
  5. Continually review web reports and look for ways to improve. Look at the “Exit rate” on each page of your website, and make sure people are converting before they exit. If they aren’t converting, fix that page!

BARQAR Case Study: A simple website update drives 97.2 percent increase in conversions. 

We recently put these five steps to work for a local radiology practice. Here are the steps we took and the results:

  1. The action we wanted people to take was to either complete an online appointment request form, or call the office immediately to schedule an appointment.
  2. Working backwards from that desired action, we found the appointment request form was only accessible from the “About” section of their website.
  3. In order to complete the form, patients had to search for the form and go through 3-5 clicks before stumbling upon it. We looked for ways to streamline this.
  4. We added a simple “Schedule an Appointment” button on EVERY page of their website. We also made sure their office phone numbers were clearly visible in the header of EVERY page.
  5. By reviewing Google Analytics we found people were leaving on their “services” pages without converting. Knowing that, we not only added an appointment button on each, but also included a strong text call-to-action at the bottom of every service page, outlining the value the practice offered to patients.

By making these relatively small edits to the website, traffic to the “Request an Appointment” page increased by 97.2 percent in the first two months!

Looking to drive more results from your website?

It’s not good enough to have a pretty website. It needs to be functional, easy-to-use and most importantly, it needs to convert!  The website development specialists at BARQAR will help you develop an amazing website that converts visitors into customers. Contact us today for a free website analysis—we’ll help you uncover holes in your sales funnel and provide specific recommendations for driving more ROI. Contact us today!

P.S. Want another example of including calls-to-action on every page of your site? Check out the rest of our site. Visit one of our services pages and you’ll see calls-to-action everywhere. While you’re at it, be sure to complete one of the forms—we would love to help you right away!

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