Measuring Social Media Success

How can you be sure your social media strategy is successful? The answer is simple: goal setting.

When you jump into social media, you don’t want to just share content occasionally and hope it benefits your business. You must create a strategy that helps you reach the measureable goals you have set for the program.

In order to measure your goals, we strongly recommend using Google Analytics. This allows you to track users to your website, what pages they are visiting and where they are spending the most time.

Here are a few examples of measurable goals you may want to consider:

Are your followers growing?

If you’re going to launch a social media strategy, you don’t want to waste your time sharing a ton of content on platforms where your audience won’t see it. Your strategy should include a method for building your followers on each platform. But you don’t want to just increase followers – you want to increase targeted followers so you can ensure that your content is seen by a relevant audience.

Is your website traffic increasing?

No matter why you decide a social campaign is right for your company, one of your goals will likely be measured by the amount of traffic to your website. Increasing overall traffic to your website is important. When reviewing this, consider:

  • Is traffic from social media increasing?
  • Which platforms are driving the most traffic?
  • Is traffic to specific pages related to your goals increasing? For example, have visits to your “Contact Us” page increased?

Results will vary based on your specific goals. The important thing is you are tracking the data that will allow you to ensure you are meeting your goals, or will prompt specific changes to the strategy to better meet your goals using social media.

For more tips on how to create and measure the success of your content marketing strategy, reach out to our marketing educators today!

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