B.Y.O.H – Build Your Own Hashtag

We all know what a hashtag is; the little pound sign that gathers a feed of other messages also incorporating the same hashtag. #Boring #Overused #Hashtag

And while this social media tool has overtaken current culture (here are some great examples from Jimmy Fallon; #HadToDoIt #HowIGotFired #DadQuotes) it actually is a valuable tool in marketing and content creation – when used correctly.

So how can you use hashtags to your company’s advantage?

BYOH – Build Your Own Hashtag.

Creating a unique hashtag for your social media has distinct advantages. Whether it provokes conversation or aids in crowdsourcing, the best way to have a hashtag that stands out is by making one that is exclusive to you.

The first way to do this is to decide what’s relevant to your company. A nail salon cornering the market on #nailpolish is pretty unlikely. But a Western New York auto dealer using the tag #BuffaloCarDeals has a much higher chance of not only immediately stating what the post is about, but creating a platform for users to check back on new updates.  It’s important to be specific to your company, and create a hashtag that’s distinctive – and not already being used by other companies.

Once you’ve decided on a hashtag, use it!

Add it to the end of your social media messages and see it become categorized. If you pick a good one, people may begin using it to contact your company or pose questions and comments aimed at you. This type of social engagement is worth a thousand words (and two thousand hashtags!). And to be sure your new hashtag is being used effectively, you’ll want to set up an automatic email alert tool so you are notified any time it’s in use.

Your social media should always be informative, conversational, and relevant. Creating a hashtag that applies to all three of those can seem daunting, but once you figure it out, you’ll wonder why you ever tweeted without it.

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