Making Your Blog Pay Off!

Millions of people blog.  Seemingly, every business does too.  With all of those blogs and all of that content out there on the internet, how do you ensure that you get your message across to the audience you are targeting for your business?

Write for Your Audience

Just writing isn’t enough. Writing for your audience – your potential customers – is key. You need to write content that answers questions your audience has and may be searching for online. Answering these questions establishes you as a resource and helps to position you as an expert in the field – one that people will come back to when they have further questions and needs.

But Not Just for Your Audience

Writing for your target audience is essential, but you can’t forget about search engines. Writing content that is thoroughly optimized for search engines in addition to being written for your audience allows your blog to be served in search results when potential clients or candidates are searching for items related to your services online.

Be Original

If everyone is talking about a trending topic, feel free to chime in. But don’t ask for permission and reshare their content on your blog – write your own opinion on the subject. Publishing original and relevant content on your blog benefits not only SEO, but also your target audience.

Don’t Be Afraid

I’m not telling you to take sides on controversial topics that aren’t directly relevant to your business. In fact, I would discourage that. But your company has values, goals, a mission, your culture and your team. Write content that reflects who your company really is – show your personality, specialties and talents to attract customers.

Know Why You’re Blogging

Blogging because everyone else is doing it isn’t the answer. You know blogging is important for your company, but it’s important that you know why it’s important. Setting goals for your blogging program and creating content that stands out is important. For help launching a successful blogging program, reach out to our marketing educators to learn how BARQAR Marketing can help!

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