4 Marketing Lessons from the iPhone 7 Launch

You’ve seen the headlines regarding Apple’s iPhone 7 launch, and the new features the phone will boast. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of Apple or not…you probably have a certain level of respect for their capabilities when it comes to technology and marketing.  Your company may not be in the technology space but when it comes to marketing your brand, there are certainly lessons you can take away from Apple.

1. Build up excitement before an event.
The news was everywherefrom Facebook to Forbes & from Twitter to Time, big changes were coming to our beloved iPhones. And while the out-of-focus image of Apple’s logo may have seemed redundant, their saturation into mainstream media helped fuel the fire behind all of our creativity: What exactly were these new features?  We couldn’t wait to find out!

If you have an event coming up, what are you doing to build excitement? Are you creating a Facebook event, sending an email reminder or publishing an article about this event on your company blog? If not, why not?  Do more to build excitement as your event approaches.  Make people anticipate what you are going to unveil!

2. Give the people what they want.
Water resistance. Better photos. Louder speakers.

Before now, many of these requests fell on deaf ears. However, this time around, Apple was smart enough to take these concerns and turn them into exciting new features for them to promote.

What is the feedback you’re receiving about your company?  What do people want you to do differently?  Better?  Not at all?  What are you doing to give them these things?  If you are addressing them, are you communicating those changes to the people affected by them…your customers?

3. Sometimes it’s better to stick with what works.
Ahh…the wireless headphones. They look like two sonic toothbrush heads stuck in your ears, and are eliciting such comments as “I don’t even have the airpods yet, and I’ve already lost them.”

Sure, it’s “innovative”… or at least, it’s new for Apple consumers. But is it what the market wanted? Considering they cost $159, they have to be charged daily, and they require extra cords to try to work around, it seems as though Apple may have missed the mark on this one.

Are you too focused on making changes that aren’t needed?  Are you trying to change the way you’re doing things because they “don’t work”?

One example in your everyday work may be email marketing which many see as being “ineffective” or “old-fashioned”  but the numbers don’t bear that out.  For 10 years in a row, email is the channel generating the highest ROI for marketers. For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI – according to VentureBeat. So does email marketing really “not work” … or are you not using it to its fullest potential?

4. Newer and shinier will always be in style.
Every time Apple releases a new iPhone, whether the “upgrades” are really upgrades at all, people will flock to the stores in droves to have the newest and best piece of technology.

For many, this is a status thing.  Some people want to brag and show off the newest color – even if it is two different shades of black…which, for Apple, it is. This excitement about the newest, best and shiniest new toy doesn’t begin and end with Apple.

Your customers want, and expect, to see your website keeping up and being new & shiny. If you haven’t made updates in the past two years, there’s a good chance your website is no longer the nicest in your market. The designs and features that were big in 2010…even 2014…are no longer going to cut it with many consumers.  For better or for worse, their impression of your site and your other communication tools has a direct correlation to their impression of your company.  It could be the equivalent of walking around with an iPhone 3 in your pocket. Can you imagine…the horror!

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