Surprising Data: Promotional Email Most Effective Way to Market to Millenials

“Young people only respond to texts.”

“Traditional marketing doesn’t work with the younger generation.”

“Email marketing is dead.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, research shows that Millenials are in fact receptive (and in some cases more responsive), to some forms of traditional media.

A recent study done by Fluent found that Millenials are actually more like to engage and act on promotion emails than those that are 35+:



68% of Millenials Reported That Promotional Email Has Worked On At Least a Few Occasions

The study was comprised of 2,960 U.S. residents (1,769 Millenials and 1,191 ages 35+). The study looked closely at how people use their digital devices and interact with digital media. It then dug deeper to look at how this experience impacted purchasing decisions.Somewhat surprisingly, more than 2 out of every 3 millennials reported that promotional email marketing impacted their purchasing decisions on more than one occasion.

So what does that mean for your business?

  • Don’t abandon email.
    Email marketing, as evidenced in these findings, can have a very positive impact on your bottom line.
  • Be direct.
    With millennials, be short and direct. Long and cumbersome email newsletters are not the right approach. Be clear about your offers and offer near immediate gratification. Don’t make people (especially millennials) work hard to do business with you–they won’t!
  • Test.
    At BARQAR Marketing, we’re big proponents of testing different platforms, messages, mediums and other elements to refine what really works for your business. Each business and each audience is a bit different. But, if you have the right analytics tracking in place, and you effectively use this data, you’ll have great marketing and business outcomes.

Want to get started with email marketing?

Contact the email marketing specialists at BARQAR today! We offer affordable email marketing solutions to fit any size business. We also have a team of writers to develop outstanding newsletter content.



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