Tips to Help Your Team Make Time for Social Media

If you’re still unsure of how to incorporate social media into your daily workday routine, we want to help! Consider these ideas to help you get started:

Make it fun.

Set up a challenge for your team to participate in social media – provide guidelines about what active participation means, and provide tips on how to effectively spend their time on social media.

Be accountable.

Have each team member partner with a co-worker to be accountable – confirm that not only they are participating, but they can ensure their partner is participating too. This can also simplify how your team will use social media – they can simply comment and share on what their co-workers are sharing.

Schedule time on your calendar.

When making your to-do list, don’t leave social media off of your prioritized tasks. Schedule a reoccurring task for 15 minutes every day on your calendar, and don’t let it be something you ignore.

Create a strategy.

Don’t let your team jump into a social strategy blindly. Share a list of social tasks they can easily add into their routines to use their time effectively. If you need help, check out this social sharing checklist for ideas.

Some, or all, of these techniques can help you prioritize social media without letting it take over your entire day!

Looking for help with social media? Reach out to our marketing educators to learn about how the social experts at BARQAR Marketing can help you today!

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