How to Effectively Market Into the C-Suite

As marketers, we always want to earn the attention of key decision makers. But those key decision makers, the c-level executives leading companies, are pressed for time and are pulled in many different directions. When it comes to content marketing, most of the c-suite is confused or overwhelmed by the amount of content they are presented with.

A recent research study by the Economist Group, found that 80 percent of marketers plan to increase thought-leadership production over the next 12-months. However, the decision-makers that marketers are trying to reach are more selective than ever in the content they consume. In fact, 75% of the c-suite surveyed reported they were much more selective in what they spend their time reading.

So, how can you market into the C-Suite more effectively?

It starts by taking a close look at what the target audience is really looking for from the content do consume.

C-Level Content Marketing

Marketers are poor listeners!

As noted in the chart above, the C-Suite cares about research analysis and credible data. However, when asked about content marketing plans and objectives, marketers reported a more self-serving agenda:

  • The goal for 47% of respondents was to differentiate themselves from their competitors.
  • 42% reported their goal was to gain company recognition.
  • Only 28% reported their goal was to help their audience become more knowledgeable.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Marketers need to think about what the target audience wants.
    Provide knowledge and value to the C-Suite or else they will never read your message! If you focus on just differentiating yourself from the competition, you may instead alienate your target audience.
  2. Invest in good quality content that is research-based and data driven.
    Conducting surveys and leveraging outside studies is a great place to start. It will not only offer value to your target audience – but it will greatly increase the chance that the C-Suite will be willing to talk with you.
  3. Stop selling.
    In this study, survey respondents described unimpressive thought-leadership as “sales-driven” and “biased.”  Leave the sales talk at home and provide value – the sales will come organically if you do!

Looking for content marketing support?

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