How to Work with “Designerous Finickous”


They can be a finicky breed. The expression “temperamental artist” doesn’t exist for no reason!

However, good designers should not be divas. We should be partners with you to visually solve your communication problems & most effectively get your message out to your audience.

The key word in the sentence above is partners. We need you to work with us. We value your input and insight (and I mean that, we really, really do!!). However, it’s important that for us to give you the best solutions, we need to creatively develop those solutions for ourselves. When you go to the doctor with an ailment, do you tell the doctor how to heal you? Tell her what medication to prescribe? Or when your car needs repair, do you take it into the shop and then tell the mechanic how to fix your brakes?

The answer to those questions is no (hopefully!?!?).

With the “democratization” of media and design tools, everyone with an iPhone can shoot a video or edit a photo. That’s not a bad thing! But, designers are still experts with a vast arsenal of knowledge who create powerful, meaningful and stimulating work that sells. And we do it everyday. We’ve learned how to do it with efficiency and accuracy, and we know what works. We also know what doesn’t work. So, when we seem to “push back” or question your requests or suggestions, it’s not done to be argumentative. It’s our job to ask questions, to look for better solutions because good designers believe that that’s the value we bring to you – “to think different.”

You know your business best. But we want to be your best partner in communicating your vision. Give us your insight. Give us your trust. And we will give you what you need…even if it isn’t exactly what you asked for.


Want to partner with the best? Contact BARQAR today and see for yourself why you should trust us to bring you great marketing. We can’t wait to help you reach your goals.

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