Does Your Content Marketing Strategy Lack Action?

You hear it more and more, and you see your competitors blogging.

Content is king, and content is everywhere. You’ve launched your own blogging program, because it helps to fulfill your goals of driving traffic, establishing thought leadership, and answering the questions your audience is searching for answers on. You publish your blogs regularly. And then you wait…

And continue waiting…

Yes, your content is adding value. Search engines are indexing your content and potentially serving it in results. People are visiting your website and clicking over to read a few posts on your blog. But isn’t there something more you can do?

There absolutely is!

You have created many valuable resources, and you’re not using them to their fullest extent.

Here are a few ideas of how to use your blog content more effectively:

  • Share it on social media. Whether you feed new posts to your company social pages automatically or you publish them manually, share the posts across all of your social platforms, as appropriate.
  • Engage with the content shared on social media. A post shared on your company page, then shared again from the individual profiles of each of your team members, has a much greater potential reach.
  • Create an eBook of your top posts for one of your audiences, and create a landing page to download the eBook. This not only shares great resources, it helps capture leads.
  • Print articles that your sales team can use as leave-behinds at meetings with prospects.

These are just a few of the ways your team can utilize your existing content and strategy to take it to the next level. You have valuable resources – utilize them. Don’t miss out on the opportunities to reach potential clients and candidates.

Looking for more ideas? Contact our marketing consultants today to learn how to take your content marketing strategy to the next level.

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