Why Small Companies Fear Social Media (And Why They Shouldn’t!)

Social media doesn’t need to be scary. It’s an awesome resource that small businesses of all kinds can use to strengthen and promote their brand while sharing valuable resources and targeting their key audiences, driving traffic back to the company website.

Below are a few common misconceptions of why some small business owners fear social media, and the reasons that they don’t need to be afraid any more.

Social media is only for millennials

False! Social media is for everyone. As a business, if your target audiences are active on social (and trust me, they are), then social media is for you!

If you’re not sure how to get started on social media, we can help. Check out these resources about creating a strategy for your business:

Social media takes too much time

Using social media effectively for business certainly does require a commitment. But it doesn’t have to become a 40-hour-a-week activity for every member of your team.

It’s important to have one person to organize your company strategy and manage your company social media. This may be someone internally, or you can have an external vendor handle your accounts. From this point, the time requirement for individual team members only needs to be a short period of time each day or week to interact with a share the content from your company pages.

Social media is constantly changing

Well, this one is true. But it’s not a reason to stay away! While the platforms are always changing, these changes are to better the user experience, which in turn is good for your target audiences.

While your strategy may change on social over time, the more you use it the better your understanding will be, and your use will naturally evolve to match the standards of the platforms.

Social media is key for branding and positioning for companies of all sizes!

Don’t let time constraints or a fear of the unknown stop you – social media is a great (and necessary) resource for businesses of all sizes, and BARQAR Marketing is here to help!

Give our team a call today for help with your social media strategy!

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