What Form of Content Marketing Gets the Best Results?

In our last two posts, we took a look at the most important goals of content marketing and the biggest barriers to content marketing success. We found that content marketing is a proven way to increase exposure, drive more impressions, build engagement, and drive sales (if done properly).


Now let’s take a closer look at what forms of content marketing are most successful…

In Ascend2’s recent “State of Content Marketing” they share the results of a recent survey of marketing influencers. One question they asked was “What are the most effective types of content used?”  Here’s what they found:


Let’s dig deeper into a few of our favorites:


Research reports.
One of the most effective forms of content–but also one of the hardest to develop! Research reports offer insight and value and help to position you as an expert in the topic. In order to be impactful, we suggest looking at your prospects/clients biggest problems or questions. From there conduct more in-depth research to develop a valuable report or whitepaper with key takeaways. One of our favorite approaches is to create compelling surveys and ask the target audience to complete them–with the promise of the summarized reports and in some cases a reward (gift card) for their time in completing the survey. Once you collect this survey data, turn that into a great research study and leverage that content in blog posts. Research reports also make highly shareable content and helps to build more inbound links back to your website. In fact, this entire post is based on a research study!

Blog posts.
Right behind research reports in terms of effective content are blog posts. But on the plus side, blog content is much easier to create (and very cost effective to outsource through BARQAR). Typically blog posts are anywhere from 300-600 words and provide key takeaways.  Just like this post. Blog posts also add amazing SEO value to your website and provide great content you can share in social media.

Infographics are one of the most shared types of content. In order for an infographic to be effective, you need some great data points and short, key takeaways. Simply by presenting these in a nice, graphic-rich format, you’ll create compelling images that are highly shareable.

Webinars can be time-consuming to produce but add a ton of value. In fact, webinars are a big component of our own marketing efforts and provide amazing benefits (be sure to sign up for the BARQAR monthly webinar series). Once you complete a webinar be sure to record it and offer that as content on your website, in social, on YouTube or Vimeo and other places too.

Still one of the most cost effective ways to reach a large audience. We suggest sending a newsletter that includes all of the above pieces of content. It’s a great way to leverage your content, get it in front of more people, and encourage action. And be sure to sign up for the BARQAR monthly newsletter that offers a wealth of marketing and social media tips–just add your email address in the form on the right.

Looking to add content marketing to your business?

At BARQAR Marketing we offer a full team of content marketing consultants. From overall strategy to writing blog posts and whitepapers, to social media marketing, we can help make sure your company sees improvement in all of the above areas.

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