How do your content marketing goals align with other marketers?

Content marketing is a proven way to increase exposure, drive more impressions, build engagement, and drive sales (if done properly).

But not every company has the same strategy and goals. And as crazy as it sounds not every company has even set a strategy or goals for their content marketing efforts yet.

Let’s take a closer look at the most important goals of a content marketing strategy…

In Ascend2’s recent “State of Content Marketing” they share the results of a recent survey of marketing influencers. One question they asked was what are the most important goals of a content marketing strategy? Here’s what they found:


Let’s dig deeper into each of these:


Increased lead generation.
By building a consistent content marketing strategy you can position yourself as an expert in your field — and reach an audience you may not have otherwise been able to reach.

Improved customer engagement.
Effective content marketing tells a story–and not just a story about your business, product or service. Good content marketing solves a problem that prospects are facing and creates engagement. More engagement drives more committed followers and more loyal clients.

Increased brand awareness.
Content marketing creates the opportunity to share your message with the masses through social media, search, email and other digital channels. The more relevant and timely the content, the bigger the reach!

Improved lead nurturing.
You only have so many hours in a day. Content marketing is a great way to nurture a large pool of B, C and D prospects until they are ready to make their way to A prospects. It also lets you reach a lot of people that you didn’t know were even in your lead funnel. Content marketing also gives your sales team a reason to stay in content that adds value to prospects–instead of just interrupting them with a sales call.

Increased sales revenue.
If done properly, content marketing will lead warm prospects back to your brand and your website where they can take action. At BARQAR, we look closely at key conversion pages like Contact pages and forms to make sure that the content we produce is not only driving traffic but is driving inquiries–and in turn, revenue.

Increased web traffic.
As mentioned above, our goal is to drive more web traffic. By using your website as the hub of your content strategy, all paths lead back to your website where people can take action.

Improved search engine rankings.
As you add more timely and relevant content to your website, your search rankings should improve over time. In some industries and verticals it’s more competitive and it may take longer, while others may see quick improvement. The key though is to include very relevant terms to your business in key places, and to generate content consistently.

Looking to add content marketing to your business?

At BARQAR Marketing we offer a full team of content marketing consultants. From overall strategy to writing blog posts and whitepapers, to social media marketing, we can help make sure your company sees improvement in all of the above areas.

Contact us today to learn more.

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