Don’t Ignore Millennials In Your Email Marketing Strategy

You probably read that headline and thought, “Wait, millennials read emails? They don’t just text and use social media?”

A recent study by Adestra shows that yes, they do read emails. Let’s look at some of the key takeaways.

All Generations Want Email Communication from Businesses

A big part of the study that jumped out was that 73 percent of millennials chose email as their communication preference when hearing from a business.

Businesses are not the friends of millennials. You can show your personal side through social media and don’t have to be stiff, but millennials feel the the e-mail inbox is still the preferred method for business communication.


You Can’t Ignore Mobile

Another important takeaway in the study stressed the importance of mobile. Designing email newsletters for mobile devices is a love-hate relationship (just ask our Creative Team). Gmail works differently from Yahoo, which works differently from Apple and more.

However, your email needs to be designed and optimized for mobile devices. Looking at all age groups,  nearly 50 percent of email is opened on a mobile device, and that number only increases when looking at the millennial generation with 81 percent of millennials sorting through their inbox on a mobile device.

Consider the Time

Before they get to the office, 87 percent of millennials have checked their email. Taking it even further, almost half (44 percent) check their email before they do anything else in the morning (probably while still in bed). Therefore, it’s important to think about that when putting your email’s message together.

How Do We Capitalize?

A consistent email newsletter provides content to the inbox of your e-mail list, whether they are former customers, targeted customers or other professional contacts. Yes, the e-mail inbox of everyone gets flooded with newsletters, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have one.


Not everyone reads the blog content every time you hit publish on your website. (I’m sorry, it’s true). However, an e-mail newsletter provides a great outlet to push that content directly in front of the eyeballs of people you want to target and make them hit delete to ignore your marketing. When we look at the analytics of company websites with e-mail newsletters, they do see an increase in traffic after sending a newsletter.

What Can BARQAR Do For You?

At BARQAR Marketing, we offer great solutions for companies to create emails that will generate more leads.  Contact us today and we’ll help you add a great piece to your content marketing strategy that will be effective and reach customers of all ages!

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