The Surprising Keyword Hacks That Are Critical to Driving Response Online

Looking to stand out? Want to drive more traffic? Interesting in converting more prospects to customers?

We have some surprising keyword hacks that can help…

A recent infographic at postplanner.com, shared some interesting research on blog titles. They looked at the science behind crafting the most shareable content.

After analyzing a variety of posts, it was found that there were seven keywords that kept popping up in the most shared content. Using these keywords in your blog titles and social media posts, could have a big impact on overall social shares, potential reach, and traffic back to your website.

Here’s the list of top shareable keywords:

  • Smart

  • Surprising

  • Science

  • Hacks (Hackable, Hackers)

  • Huge/Big

  • Critical

  • History

  • Science

So, how can you use this info to your advantage?

It starts by getting a bit creative with your blog post titles. Let’s take this blog post for example. I could have used a title like: “Best Keywords to Use in Your Blog Title.”  That title would have been just fine and could be very relevant, but it doesn’t pull you in. Instead, we used the title:


The Surprising Keyword Hacks That Are Critical to Driving Response Online

The term “surprising” gives the reader the sense that they are going to learn something new and not that many people know about yet. “Hack” indicates that the reader is going to learn something new and relatively easy that can be implemented right away. And finally “critical” makes the reader feel like they just have to click to learn more–it’s vital to their own personal success.

Overall these keywords evoke both a rational and emotional appeal with the reader. It pulls them into the post, dramatically increases the likelihood they click and drives more social shares.

Be sure to check back soon for our next post:

The Science and History Behind Writing Smart and Surprising Posts on Hacks that Save Critical Time


Okay, maybe that last title was a bit too much! But I think you get the picture…


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2 Responses

    1. Hi Michael<

      I agree with you on that. There are a lot of authors who use click-bait titles just to get you to click and then it's almost a bait and switch. I think you need to focus on the substance of your post first–before ever worrying about the title. Once you have a post with a few solid takeaways, then you can craft a title that uses engaging words, but also fits the takeaways of the piece.

      Thanks again for the comment!

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