I used to hear that a lot growing up….and I’m betting some of you did too!  But now a days, instead of conjuring up memories of being grounded, I’m reminded of the importance of crafting the right communication approach for different businesses and brands via social media, blogging, websites etc.

In fact, when you start a website project, one of your first priorities should be deciding how the site will best reflect your business identity – what impression do you want people to get when they visit your site?

Design is a big factor in both appearance and functionality, but you must also consider the tone or style of the copy.

If a website is a building, design is the architecture. How large will it be? How is it constructed? How many rooms will there be?

The copy represents the furnishings. What will people see when they enter?

  • A cozy space with overstuffed chairs where they can relax?
  • A formal room with elegant touches and straight-backed chairs?
  • A modern collaborative space featuring all the latest trends?
  • Durable flooring where work boots are welcome?

You have some important decisions to make.

Choose the tone of your copy wisely, marry it with the right design and imagery and you’ll have an accurate reflection of your business, ensuring that you attract the customers that drive your business.


Want to see copy tone in action?

Here are some examples of how a contractor can be described in a variety of tones.


Precise, upscale and always grammatically correct.

Be confident in the exceptional results we will deliver on your next home or office improvement project.


Speaks directly to the reader. It’s the way you would speak to a friend or colleague.

Need help on a home project? Give us a call and we’ll set up a time to get you a free estimate.


Factual, concise and will often contain bulleted lists.

We offer 25 years of experience in:
• Basement Finishing
• Roofing Projects
• Kitchen Remodeling


Adds a little whimsy to reflect a work hard/play hard business philosophy.

Have projects you need to get done? We’ve got your back!  AND, we’ve got a big hammer just sitting here waiting to pound some pesky nails!


Sets you apart from me-too organizations; it’s not for all industries and definitely not for the faint of heart.

Shag carpeting rubbing you the wrong way?  Leaky pipes when you go the bathroom?  Hit us up!  No improvement project is too big or too small.

All but the most formal website copy will sometimes bend the rules of grammar. You’ll see sentence fragments. Mostly for impact or to make it easy to scan. And you may see sentences that begin with conjunctions….

The marketing specialists at BARQAR Marketing can provide you with specific examples for the wide variety of copy and design choices our clients have made and help you choose the right tone for your business.  Contact us today!

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