The 10 Commandments of Outstanding Customer Service

Commandment 3: Thou shalt not take the name of thy customer in vain.


Commandment 10: Thou shalt not covet thy competitors’ service process.


Alright, so these aren’t really commandments of exceptional customer service; we just thought they’d make for an interesting lead! (You’re still reading, right?)

But if your team is searching for a fundamental set of rules to deliver better, more consistent customer service, here’s a quick list you should share with your staff (for added dramatic effect, you can wear a robe and stand on your desk):

1. Know who creates thy paycheck. Never forget that your customers ultimately pay your salary.

2. Be a good listener. What are the three most important things to each of your clients? If you don’t know, give your clients your undivided attention and ask them! Above all else, never make assumptions.

3. Identify and anticipate needs. Your clients don’t merely buy your products or services; they buy good feelings and solutions to their challenges. Communicate with clients regularly so that you understand potential problems or upcoming needs.

4. Make sure customers feel valued. Thank your clients – frequently! And be genuine. Customers value sincerity, and they can tell whether or not you really care about them.

5. Help customers understand your systems and processes. Otherwise, your “exceptional” service systems may wind up making clients confused, impatient and angry.

6. Leverage the power of “Yes.” Find ways to make it easier to do business with you.

7. Know how and when to apologize. Service recovery is critical to your sustained success. When something goes wrong, apologize and find a way to make it right.

8. Give more than people expect. Find ways to elevate your company above its competitors. For example, follow-up and thank prospects, even when they don’t buy from you.

9. Gather feedback regularly. Provide a simple way for customers to tell you how you could improve your service.

10. Treat your people well. Remember, employees are internal customers – they deserve exceptional customer service, too.

We’ve condensed these Ten Commandments of Great Customer Service for the purposes of this post, but you can access the full article here.


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