100 Ways to Motivate Your Sales Team (Part 4)

We appreciate all the great feedback we’re getting on this topic…but since the ideas came from managers in our customer base, we will pass that feedback on to them!

Below are the next 20 Sales Motivation tips that we collected…enjoy this installment and check back for the final batch soon.

61. Offer affirmations as a way to promote positive attitudes. Invest in feel-good books and tapes that are designed to promote a “just do it” frame of mind.

62. Emphasize the importance of nurturing relationships with existing clients. Have sales reps try to solicit additional business from our existing customers rather than face constant rejection from cold calls.

63. Provide recognition for efforts as well as results. Remind them that the more “no’s” they are hearing, the more possibilities there are for a “yes.”

64. Go with reps on cold sales calls. Always pay attention to a person who seems to be having difficulty with a client.

65. Understand their market, be in it with them. Do not set unreasonable goals.

66. Hold regular interdepartmental brainstorming sessions for idea “cross-pollination.”

67. Set up mentoring relationships, in which senior sales staff teach inexperienced operations staff canvassing techniques, cold-calling techniques, and fee negotiation techniques. This gives the senior person a refresher and boosts their confidence, while increasing job skills and promotion opportunities for operations staff.

68. Come up with other ways to approach the prospects and clients, like seminars, surveys, etc. Look for ways to build relationships without putting them on the defensive for the typical sales pitch.

69. Variety! Give employees projects and/or responsibilities other than spinning the dial all day to make appointments that are hard to come by.

70. Run a fun or silly impromptu contest that places the focus on a sales or service activity that needs to be strengthened.

71. Set up a dartboard with the easiest clients to service in the center for rep assignment. (Editor’s note – So the advantage goes to the person who’s best at “bar sports?” In all seriousness, kudos for creativity on this one!)

72. A strong team working together – from the company owner down – is the best motivator. When everyone is working hard together, successes are much more enjoyable (and failures much more tolerable), because you know it was a group effort.

73. Remove burnout. It is like a cancer that is contagious. Focus on a “base hit” mentality and customer relationship building.

74. Always keep a positive attitude. If employees are complaining, turn it around into a positive. Ask for their input and question what they are hearing on the street. Making them part of the process gets them outside the box and they usually will answer their own question.

75. Office “lunch ‘n’ learns,” where employees take turns presenting their area of expertise or interest.

76. Try co-selling with other sales reps or managers.

77. Don’t expect results. (Editor’s note – This person might be a tad too easy going…)

78. Recognize personal milestones (i.e., birthdays and anniversaries).

79. Develop diversified products to allow fresh sales opportunities with different contact people.

80. Focus sales training on answering objections. Provide marketing support for brand build and lead generation.


The final 20 responses in our countdown will be posted soon!

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