Want to Rank Higher in Google Search Results? Get Reviews!

Google is continually adjusting and tweaking their search engine algorithm. So webmasters, SEO experts and business owners need to continually adjust their approach if they want to rank well in search results. A recent survey from SEO research leader MOZ, highlighted some of the key elements that search engine algorithms take into account.

Content & Links Still Drivers of Search

Not surprising, inbound links and keyword rich content are still big drivers of search engine results.

Sites that have a lot of inbound links from reputable sites are seen are more trustworthy and “important” in the eyes of Google and other search engines. Build more inbound links will help improve rankings.

Also, adding keyword rich content that is fresh and timely is a big component too.  As you add more content with good keyword density, your chances of ranking well for those terms increases.

Importance of Online Reviews is Growing Quickly

While we have know that links and content are important for several years now, one area that is seeing a big uptick recently are reviews. In fact, 8 of their top 50 local search ranking factors were tied to reviews:

Top 50 Local Search Ranking Factors


When looking to collect reviews, aim to create a steady stream on a variety of different platforms (Yelp, Google reviews, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.).  Also, getting reviews from Authoritative reviewers can be extremely powerful.  Finally, once you collect reviews/testimonials be sure to highlight those on your website using hReview/Schema mark-up (this gets a bit technical but if you have questions let us know – we have built a testimonial tool that can be used on your site that includes all the proper coding).

Looking to get more reviews and improve search results?

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