Tips for Optimizing your TripAdvisor Listing

No matter where or why people travel, two things are certain:

  • They need to eat.
  • They need a place to stay.

Where do they go to get local hotel and restaurant recommendations? You guessed – TripAdvisor. With over 340 million monthly visitors, TripAdvisor is the top consumer rating and review site for the travel industry.

In a recent blog post, we shared a few tips on how to claim your TripAdvisor listing. But once you stake your claim, your work isn’t done – in fact, it’s just begun!

Here’s how to optimize your TripAdvisor listing and make it work for you:


Check all the details.

Make sure your contact links are current and accurate. (This is especially important for hotels, because it can help increase direct bookings and save on commissions).


Add a full description.

The more detailed your page is, the more likely potential customers are to choose you. Use the section provided to add some rich details that will set your restaurant or hotel apart from the competition. Include hours of operation, seasonal activities, suitability for children and/or groups, etc.


Upload photos and videos.

Travelers want to know what to expect when they visit your hotel or restaurant. Impress them from the start with photos and videos that highlight your business’ best features! The effort is worth your while. In fact, TripAdvisor’s research shows that travelers engage 150% more with pages that have 20+ photos.


Get on the map.

Obviously, hungry, weary travelers have to know how to get to your location. If your business isn’t correctly located on TripAdvisor’s map, update it through the Management Center (you’ll need to find your latitude and longitude coordinates to do this.

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Manage your reviews.

Keep on top of what customers say about your business and engage in conversations with guests:

  • Commenting on positive reviews shows that you pay attention and appreciate customer feedback.
  • Commenting on negative reviews shows that you take complaints seriously. It also allows you to demonstrate your service recovery process in action, including the steps you took to remedy the situation.


Consider adding TripAdvisor’s logo and widget to your website to encourage customer reviews.

Think this one through carefully, however, because you may or may not want to drive traffic directly there.


Drive more positive reviews.

Great reviews help tremendously in improving visibility, bookings and visits. Remember, however, that consumer reviews have a relatively short shelf life. So while getting a positive customer review on TripAdvisor is great news, you can’t just sit back and consider your work done. You need a sound process for continually generating positive reviews.


Reputation management is a function – not a one-time event.

Keep the good reviews coming with BARQAR. We make it easy for you to continually garner fresh reviews and control brand image. When people turn to TripAdvisor for a recommendation, they’ll find glowing – and recent – testimonials and reviews about your business.

Contact BARQAR today for a free demo of our online reputation management services.



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