5 Ways to Use Twitter for B2B Lead Generation

Twitter is a great, simple platform to use for social engagement. But whether it’s the 140 character limit, challenges with building a following, or just unwillingness to try, many businesses don’t use Twitter to its full potential. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help…

Here are 5 tips to turn Twitter into a lead generator:

  1. Use Tweepi to build your following.

    It’s hard to get any real benefit out of Twitter if you have 2 followers (both Nigerian princes looking for an investment). So you need a plan to build your audience but don’t take the “easy” route and buy 5,000 guaranteed followers for $5 (yes such services do exist and they are bogus and hurt your social brand).  Instead, take some time to examine your target audience, find out who they already follow and then use Tweepi to mass follow people.

    Here’s a practical example. Let’s say I’m a home inspector looking to generate more business. I would look at realtors or mortgage bankers and then follow their followers too!  Chances are that if you’re following a realtor you may be in the process of purchasing a home and are a prime candidate for the home inspection services I offer.  As you begin following people, many will follow back.  Tweepi even gives you information about who is most likely to follow you back.

  2. Share valuable content that drives traffic back to your website.

    It’s hard to make a direct sale on Twitter.  It’s even harder to make a sale to someone if you’re driving them to a different website. All too often I see businesses sharing good information but it’s all outsider information.  It’s news articles or links to websites other than their own.  This might build some goodwill but goodwill don’t pay the bills!  If you want to drive real business value, mix in your own content and drive traffic back to your site where people can take action.  Examine your landing page and make it easy for people to do business with you.

  3. Hash it up.

    A hashtag is the number sign (#) followed by a keyword.  It helps make searching social shared content a bit easier. By including hashtags, you expand your reach and visibility from just people that follow you, to anyone interested in that topic or keyword.  Research shows that Tweets with hashtags get two times the engagement than those without. But that also doesn’t mean more is better.  The research indicates that the sweet spot is two hashtags and engagement goes down once you start including more.  If you need help choosing a hashtag, use a service like Hashtagify.me or RiteTag.

  4. Use Twitter’s advanced search.

    This will allow you to search for people that are actively searching for the products or service you offer.  You can also use it to find people that are unhappy with your competitors and reach out at the right time!  To start, visit: https://twitter.com/search-advanced?lang=en and enter in a few keywords or phrases, adjust the location settings (only search locally if you’re a local business) and start looking through recent conversations.  Once you see a potential prospect follow them and engage with them.

  5. Build influence with the influencers.

    Building off our suggestion in tip #1, begin to follow influencers — those that already have the ear of your target audience. Using the same home inspector example, I would begin following realtors and engaging with them socially.  Share their listings, retweet their content and build a mutually beneficial relationship. As you begin to share more socially, they will more inclined to recommend you to clients.

  6. Bonus tip: Call BARQAR!

    Our core business is helping other business improve their online reputation, reach and visibility.  Social media sites like Twitter are a key component of this.  To learn other ways you can turn Twitter into a lead generator, call us today at 888-576-6100.




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