Video: How to Amplify Word of Mouth Marketing Through Social Media

In this webinar, BARQAR Marketing shows businesses how to use social media to amplify word-of-mouth marketing, build more awareness, enhance visibility and generate more inbound leads.


Video Transcript:

0:00good morning and thank you so much for joining us for today’s webinar today
0:05we’re going to be talking about word of mouth marketing and before we jump in I
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0:38so again thank you for joining us my name is Brad Smith on the CEO and
0:43founder of our marketing we are and marketing firm that focuses on helping
0:48companies tried bility online and generate more involved leads so we do
0:54everything from website development search engine optimization law-breaking
0:58social media management even a great tool to help companies get testimonials
1:03in Biltmore online reviews to help drive more info on traffic so again we focus
1:09on marketing across the board of our core specialty is really an online
1:14marketing and increasing your online visibility joining me on today’s call is
1:18our Director of Marketing Tony Tony comes to us with over 15 years of very
1:24senior level marketing experience at some of the world’s largest
1:27organizations international organizations he also has some great
1:32experience on the local level working with small local employers and even
1:36start up so he brings a real nice perspective to today’s presentation so
1:41Tony thank you for joining us today
1:44all right let’s jump into today’s agenda and what we’re gonna cover we’re gonna
1:49talk a little bit about the value of word of mouth marketing and why it’s so
1:53important in your sales and marketing mix we’ll talk about how this is
1:57pretty quickly recently and how word of mouth is really transitioning talk about
2:02new online platforms reviews will talk about how reviews impact search rankings
2:06and whether or not you’re even sound when somebody’s looking for the services
2:09you offer
2:10will talk about how to deal with negatives so unfortunately on the
2:14internet it’s not all positive sometimes you’re gonna deal with a negative person
2:18will give you a strategy for how to overcome that to make sure that doesn’t
2:21negatively impact your business too much a we’ve got a great well-defined
2:26six-step process for generating more business reviews online in spreading
2:31that word of mouth online viral
2:34outline what review sites are most important will share some case studies
2:38of local businesses that hopefully will resonate very closely with you some
2:44lessons there and then again will be time for Q&A one question get right off
2:49the bat are you know is today’s presentation gonna be available at the
2:53slides and yes at the end of the presentation of my contact information
2:57so please reach out to us we’ll be happy to share the presentation slides with
3:00you and answer any questions that you have that might be specifically relevant
3:05to your business
3:07alright so to talk a little bit about word of mouth word of mouth
3:12traditionally has been a huge business driver and as recently as November 2014
3:17Razorfish great to research company did some data and they looked at across the
3:24cross the world where word of mouth really has an impact and if you look at
3:29this and word of mouth is extremely influential seventy-six percent of
3:35people report that word of mouth impacted their purchase decision so more
3:40than three out of four people are impacted directly by what other say and
3:45that spread online too so online reviews from other consumers impact their
3:49business decisions to 69% the new tack onto that 25 percent of people are trade
3:55just by social media posts the impact their word of mouth off on and offline
4:01hands on business decisions is huge and Tony I know what we talked about this
4:06all the time but word of mouth has a huge impact on the bottom line too so I
4:12know we have some statistics here which man walking through these are my putter
4:18word of mouth you know study by a company called market share as shown to
4:25improve overall marking effect in this paper 54% and what this means is really
4:30optimizing your return on investment for the minor you’re putting into your
4:34marketing programs that you saw in the last side it’s a huge influence
4:38electronic word of mouth is right behind personal and really what it does it
4:44bridges the gaps between awareness interest consideration in sales
4:48throughout that process for your products and services to the audience
4:53that you’re looking to reach during that scene study the researchers found that a
5:0010% increase of war and word of mouth translate into sales up to 1.5% and that
5:0710% word of mouth increases is definitely an attainable number you know
5:13you work to get additional exposure and additional engagement on your social
5:18media platforms and to get that 10% left it is a very reachable goal every
5:25business should have especially when I translate into sales lift up to 1.5%
5:29what’s more any positive word of mouth is almost guaranteed have a positive
5:38impact on your business in fact again
5:41study by market share fun at eighty-four percent of consumers reported that they
5:46take action based on personal recommendations so to get people talking
5:52about your business in a positive way can have a significant impact on the
5:57number of people who consider using your product or service at it think so much
6:04tony is Tony pointed out it doesn’t take much to see that one and half percent
6:07increase in sales and you can get your customers you can keep your clients
6:12active on social and advocates for business to drive more referrals and
6:16show you how to do that so one of the challenges with doing just that is that
6:21traditionally word of mouth is very powerful but it’s limited so
6:26little machine example if you went out to dinner and you had a great chicken
6:30dinner would you immediately go home and pick up the phone hundred times and
6:35dialogue hundred different friends and told them how great your dinner was of
6:39course not those conversations happen organically and you might mention it so
6:43in that respect a one-to-one personal word of mouth is limited its powerful
6:48but it’s limited so what can we do to truly amplified at and three part is it
6:55doesn’t take much to amplify that because people are now walking around
6:58with the proverbial megaphone in their pocket in their smartphone she go to any
7:03restaurant you got any waiting room you got any business any luck
7:07take a look around the next time you’re at the bank in which people are on their
7:12smartphones all the time what are they doing most of them are engaged in some
7:16type of social activity ok so you can turn that word of mouth into reaching
7:23one or two people from reaching one or two people into reaching tens of
7:27thousands just by encouraging people to turn to social and here’s a great
7:32example of this so as I was putting together this presentation the other day
7:36I was looking for example of somebody that was using social to engage with
7:42Brandon get recommendations and it didn’t take me long this is probably the
7:45fourth or fifth update on my timeline the summary I’m connected with it they
7:49were looking for a good drywall person in general contractor because they had a
7:54leak in the roof it created some more they needed to get that remediated they
7:59need to get that taken down and they needed it done right away so what did
8:02they do that they go to the Yellow Pages no did they turn on the TV to look for a
8:06commercial know today
8:08go to their mail to see what recent direct mail pieces keen to know they
8:13went online in the ask their friends why did they ask their friends because they
8:17trust their friends say they trust personal recommendations are looking for
8:22people to recommend somebody to come in and do this work and what happened
8:27twenty three people responded within about 30 minutes to tell this person
8:32where to go to get this work done three or four days later the work was done and
8:38this person went online and see
8:39sang the praises they went out and told their four hundred and eighty nine
8:44people that they’re connected with about how great this contractor was if anybody
8:48needs work call this guy because he was absolutely wonderful so this one
8:54conversation that took this person you know fifteen seconds to post led to
8:59getting a recommendation for provider using that provider getting things done
9:04getting things done satisfactory and then singing their praises online huge
9:09huge reach so how do you do that how you get more of your customers more of your
9:14clients more patrons more of your patients to engage with you socially and
9:20in need some of that same feedback
9:22well it really starts with building your day so if you don’t have a strong social
9:27following now put a little effort into growing that we want to see a nice trend
9:32like we see on the screen here this is from one of our clients who engage with
9:35beginning in March and what we did is we used are some strategies for building
9:41now following first off we encourage their patrons we encourage their
9:46customers to like them on social and we give them a reason to like them we
9:49didn’t just say hey come like us you’re gonna love you love us come come like us
9:54know we explain to them the value that they’re gonna get out of liking us we we
9:59went out and built a very targeted campaign so Facebook let’s take that as
10:06an example you can reach out and you can buy likes you can get front of your
10:11exact target audience for pennies so we can highlight people by their job title
10:17either geography by their income level by things that they like their interests
10:23so we can we can really shine and target the exact audience that we’re looking to
10:28reach this can be very powerful for just about any type of business
10:32recent follow-up emails to customers we encourage them to like their page some
10:36people include this on invoices or the bill that the server leaves after a meal
10:41so there are a number of different ways to build your following in look to
10:45employees many of these as possible so that you can build a screech strong
10:50messages in front of it
10:53people you know I mention that all you so once you have a social following you
10:59need to provide some valium and if you’re looking to build that social
11:01following you need to provide value to think about what your audience is
11:06interested in its not all about you so what you don’t want to do on your
11:10business page talk about how great how wonderful you are
11:14nobody likes that what you can do is provide some value to people so this is
11:19an example of a poster I see value in over this past weekend were located just
11:24outside Boston New York and this past weekend was measurable it rained it was
11:28cool kinda ruined a lot of people’s weekend plans so what did this
11:32organization do well they went on Facebook and 8 a.m. Saturday morning
11:36they shared eat things to do on a rainy day in western New York this wasn’t
11:41self-promotion this wasn’t saying here come into my restaurant hey come visit
11:45us this was something of value and what happened here there were 64 people that
11:51like didn’t 38 people that share this on their own profile so just because of
11:55this one post they were able to get in front of tens of thousands of people
12:00because it went viral and people begin sharing this content
12:03this would be it would have been great content for restaurant to share or a
12:07hotel to share or a property manager share it doesn’t have a direct impact on
12:13sales that day
12:15no but over time this builds trust in it builds value it drives traffic back to
12:21your websites on some you click on this article they were taken back to this
12:24company’s website where they can learn more about the services they offer so
12:28provides value so think about what you can do to provide value to your social
12:32another thing you can do is you can provide some incentives case of
12:39somebody’s following your business
12:41give them something of value and here’s a quick example this is a restaurant
12:46that we work with and we manage their social activities so periodically we
12:52provide some incentives so we don’t overdo it
12:55we don’t all the time talk about promotions or provide incentives but
12:59periodically once a week once every two weeks we nixon something for their
13:03followers were giving away a free appetizer on Monday
13:06against the people can come in and see some value indeed with this and what
13:11happens is always for sharing this so they’re sharing it with their friends
13:15are sending it directly and they’re saying hey you want to go to dinner
13:18let’s go get a free appetizer grade social content a great way to drive more
13:22people and more business what you can do is periodically mix in some self
13:29promotion so word of mouth is great and testimonials are great referrals are
13:35great but if people aren’t seeing those referrals are those testimonials or
13:40they’re just speaking word of mouth it’s reaching a limited audience so let’s
13:44take those great testimonials let’s get those online let’s use those on your
13:48social platforms so here are two examples once a restaurant and one is a
13:52business-to-business organization staffing and recruiting Antonio know
13:57that you’re helping our clients can generate some of these in putting these
14:02into a nice social graphic what’s in the feedback so far the feedback has been
14:09great brand I think they have the key remember that as you’re providing value
14:13for your followers on your social media platforms you the business owner you
14:20realize that they can also provide value to you
14:23social media can be very reciprocal and the relationship and the businesses year
14:29and other businesses realize that that that positive word of mouth of the great
14:33way to use that power of social media to promote yourselves and really the beauty
14:39part about it is if you stop and think about how much more powerful this
14:43message from up here or a fellow consumer is as versus the business
14:48itself time you how great their product and services you can start to see how
14:53that word of mouth really gets amplified on the various social media platforms
14:58terrific thanks Tony
15:01another great way to use social media is to get in front of people that maybe
15:05don’t know about your business yet or don’t follow you and Facebook in
15:09particular i think is a great great platform both gonna be the seaside in
15:13the b2b side so here’s a quick example that showed up in my news feed the other
15:17day this is an insurance company and what’s nice here is that this company is
15:22targeting me so they’re targeting me because I’m friends with people that
15:27like their page so they’re running an ad campaign and they’re saying hecho this
15:30ad to people
15:32people’s friends that like my page so right off the bat I see up top that 10
15:38of my close friends like this company has a right off the bat that builds
15:42trust you see people’s names that are recognized and I know that my friends
15:46are engaging with this company and that says to me hey this is a company that
15:49maybe I should add this is also very targeted ads to keep the company top of
15:54mind with the exact right audience so they’re they’re showing this to people
15:59that sit a specific age demographic or location or job title even income level
16:04so people and are all this personal information into their social profiles
16:08and for businesses you can leverage this information to get your add your message
16:12in front of the right target audience so what’s your goal is to drive more people
16:17to restaurant I’m think about the people think about your your target audience
16:20who comes to restaurant running ads for that but senior financial planner you
16:27can target ads based on income level i mean where else he didn’t get that
16:32targeted information to use there’s no other platform that provides information
16:38it’s a great way to get in front of the people that you want to reach here’s
16:43another great example again this is a paid piece of content that this
16:48financial planner is is using to get out in front of people and if you look down
16:53at the bottom you see that 76 people have liked this 21 people have commented
16:58on it and 39 people have shared this piece of content on their own profile so
17:03they like this piece of content so much the they wanted to share it with their
17:06friends on Facebook the average person has 338 friends
17:12so if you combine all those likes comments and shares its hundred 236
17:16total shares likes comments but this an OK hundred thirty-six people that’s not
17:21huge that’s a lot but when you figure out how many people that they actually
17:26shared that with that they they pretty much endorsed this this company by
17:31liking the content sharing it almost 50,000 people and the reach here feels
17:3850,000 people was probably a fraction of a penny for each person so really really
17:43powerful stuff here we’re gonna transitional little bit so when you
17:48think of social media oftentimes you’re thinking of Facebook Twitter Linkedin
17:53but there’s a certain segment of social media sites that people often forget
17:58about or they overlooked and those are review sites so word of mouth again used
18:05to happen
18:06121 used to happen offline that’s really transformed word of mouth is now word of
18:13Yelp word of TripAdvisor
18:16word of being weird of Google Places so that those those one-to-one personal
18:21conversations have come online and there are hundreds of review sites out there
18:26there are very specific review sites for different types of businesses are review
18:32sites for doctors physicians for dentists for financial planners there
18:37are review sites for restaurants for hotels in bed and breakfasts for
18:41contractors their review sites for just about everything out there tony walk us
18:47through some you know some examples here if you don’t mind and as bread said you
18:53know when when the term social networks as mentioned most people immediately
18:58think Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest but the fact of the matter is that there
19:04are many review sites out there that rival many of those typical social
19:09network for both traffic and the social element so you know I can get on the
19:15list here briefly talked about some of the activity here
19:20now Yelp when people talk about review sites that’s typically when the first
19:24one that comes to mind this kind of been the granddaddy of abuse in the past they
19:30were mostly by people reviewing restaurants and that was the place you
19:35went to learn about your favorite restaurant people you know from the
19:39social element connect with each other on Yelp they like review that people
19:44post a rate review that people post and and now has become not just a restaurant
19:51reviews site I will go on there now you find attorneys you find dentists gas
19:56station landscapers everything so people are talking about every type of business
20:00in their neighborhood you take a TripAdvisor now TripAdvisor is more
20:06focused on the travel industry the TripAdvisor the perfect example of the
20:11social community that exists within these reviews agency 85% of user
20:18questions are answered by other users within 24 hours so that tells you a
20:22couple of things people are interacting with each other as they would on a
20:27Facebook and Twitter but it also tell you that people are getting the advice
20:32of other people they’re listening to the word of mouth listening to the opinions
20:37of people who have done it a certain hotel or have you the certain airliner
20:41certain car service and that’s pretty powerful stuff there are big numbers
20:46there ok now look at health great how great information on over three million
20:52USD healthcare providers and an interesting thing about them is that the
20:58rating in comparison features of the site were first launched in 2014 and
21:05already there’s $146,000 a Lee visitors to the HealthGrades web site so you can
21:10see again you know in the past when people start about reviews and review
21:16sites they thought often restaurants and even in the case of TripAdvisor hotels
21:22or maybe your local corner business but this is spreading this is getting out
21:27now to health care products and as we’ve seen on the bottom say we’re talking
21:32about a part
21:32ratings so this apartment rating site had over 2 million reviews currently on
21:38the site other database that includes building features rental prices and Q&A
21:44so people can go on there and if I’m thinking about renting an apartment I
21:50can go on and contact current tenants are past tense of the apartment and get
21:55their opinions about where they’re living or where they live and again this
21:59is this is powerful stuff i mean you’re talking now health care and where I’m
22:03going to live in those are obviously very important things in people’s
22:08everyday lives
22:09arguably more important than the restaurant they go to so it it stands to
22:13reason that these types of sites will continue to grow in the volume in the
22:18importance they play in the overall social Interview landscape as well
22:23tony and I know that there’s there’s also a couple of states that have been
22:30done by harvard one in particular done by michael is a professor of business at
22:39Harvard in a nutshell he found that a white star increase in your overall Yelp
22:48rating could lead to a nine percent increase in revenue so this study was
22:54pretty focused on restaurants and at the time that this study was done
23:00restaurants still were the main component of Yelp’s site in this again
23:06the study focused on that aspect but in addition to that nine percent increase
23:10in revenue net income from a 12 hour increasing your rating interesting thing
23:16they’re really came out of this study was that the impact with seen almost
23:20exclusively in independently owned restaurants which are generally more
23:27likely to go after their customers are asked their customers for review on
23:33sites like as versus a chain restaurant
23:37and in fact and Yelp becomes bigger and more and more reviews crop up on the
23:44large change at the same time are doing market year so what this suggests the
23:50correlation here that reviews can often and do often outweigh the millions of
23:57dollars that large chains spend on advertising as far as effectiveness and
24:01obviously this kind of harken back to the site we touched on earlier about
24:05marketing effectiveness and in really the impact that those reviews can have
24:09on your business
24:11terrific thanks to Tony very powerful study their reviews and social
24:16interaction even have an impact on search ranking so I talked with
24:20businesses all the time about how to improve their search ranking and
24:23improved where they show up in search results and a lot of it now is tied to
24:29social cute so search engines are looking at how many reviews you get what
24:33site you get reviews on there looking at how many people follow you on social
24:37media sites how many people engage with your branded with your content on social
24:40in those signals are signals to to Google and Bing and Yahoo that told them
24:47whether or not your business is impactful whether or not you should show
24:51up in search results so there’s a really interesting study that was done by a
24:56company by the name of mars MOC
24:59they’re they’re very big in search engine optimization and what’s actually
25:03driving search results and they put out to cheer the top 50 search ranking
25:07factors study and the most recent study actually found that eight out of the top
25:1350 rankings actors so what factors determine whether you show up at the top
25:18of Google results your competitor does are tied to reviews and several other
25:23are tied to social interaction so whether or not people are engaging with
25:27you on Facebook Twitter and others so what I’m getting at here is that if you
25:32do want to rank well and you do want to be found when people are searching for
25:36restaurants or the services you offer you need to get ahold of more online
25:42reviews you need to engage your audience socially to drive those rankings
25:47so this is all well and good but you know we’ve talked about positive
25:52rankings unfortunately you’re gonna run into negative rankings at some point two
25:56we see this a lot in the restaurant industry unfortunately people are pretty
26:02picky over their food and hear some examples here or siesta Mexican Grill
26:07got a review that said you know they’re pretty sure gary goes bad and the things
26:12that this restaurant doesn’t know that just bad reviews and when you run into
26:17these if you’re bad reviews are prominent it’s going to discourage
26:22people from coming year restaurant working with your business and there’s a
26:26few other examples here hotels or bull hotel horrible horrible horrible stay
26:31away if you love yourself there’s no way some reading this review is gonna stay
26:35at your hotel bed and breakfasts this particular person Matthew he even notes
26:41in his review that he’s never even stayed at this place
26:44ok but she left this matter you just because other people left bad reviews
26:49how amazing is that he didn’t even stay there
26:52ok but he is Swede impacted so much by other people’s negative reviews and he
26:57feels compelled to leave his own negative review apartments and rentals
27:02this is a big one there’s a lot of negative reviews this is this is for a
27:05local apartment complex in the Buffalo area here the first 3 reviews are 1
27:12stars they’re horrible why would anybody ever goal view an apartment at this
27:16place after repair after reading these reviews they wouldn’t need to get
27:20control of this and to make sure we have a plan in place
27:23realtor same thing here’s an example of somebody that went on and left a bad
27:27review because they weren’t happy that the air conditioning in their apartment
27:32broke after they moved in and instead of blaming the air conditioner they’re
27:37blaming their realtor but people are reading this are seeing that this
27:40realtor has a negative review and the sea that negative review so you need a
27:46plan in place to make sure that you you can address these and we’re gonna walk
27:51through quickly how you go about dealing with with these internet trolls people
27:56that are out there saying negative things
27:58going to run into it at some point if you haven’t yet so Tony I know we’ve got
28:03a great three-step process your would you mind walking us through that sure
28:08the first step early you have to know if there is negative feedback about you and
28:14that requires listen so you know some of the things we recommend under the topic
28:20of your pages and set up alerts on the relevant social you say to relevant
28:28social community for your business
28:32you also wanna work to create a Google alert so you can use the power of Google
28:36track your business elsewhere online so whether it appears on that those social
28:41review sites or whether it appears in an article or blog somewhere Google will
28:45help you determine them will alert you to those mentions of your business you
28:50can use a monitoring tool where service in there are few companies out there
28:54that can provide the type of service to you that will compile some of these
28:58mentions for you and put them into a report for you to keep track of
29:03but really the big thing is getting the habit of looking and warehousing spend
29:07your every waking moment in front of the computer surfing and and trying to find
29:13everywhere but your reputation is important and you really should carve
29:18out some time to make sure that it’s healthy we definitely don’t recommend
29:23ignoring the fact of your marketing program over 200 so this this really
29:31applied to both negative and positive reviews
29:34you know you don’t want to be defensive you want to say thank you we realize
29:40that that is hard to do but really what you’re thanking them for the honest
29:44feedback essentially whether that review it negative or positive it’s a form of
29:50free marketing research that you’ve just received and it may be beneficial to you
29:55down the road both negative and positive feedback we do recommend you just the
30:00problem head-on don’t shy away from it and outline how you have changed or are
30:06you addressed the issue you know show that you cared about that feedback
30:10or you know when it’s positive feedback show that that you appreciate that they
30:15can you continue to do things you won’t always be seen here and honest and you
30:21really if possible you want to take that conversation offline avoid the back and
30:26forth on the social networks where everyone is watching C span and to
30:31recognize the feedback is great but the chance in debated on mine is not
30:36recommended because generally you will not win that battle if if you if you get
30:41too defensive or if you go back at the negative review are you will generally
30:48get people to go on to their site three if you want to go on the offensive and
30:55we don’t attack the people who are attacking you but we mean getting out
30:58there with your own positive reviews you want to get out there with all the
31:01positive surrounding your business be proactive don’t wait to enter natural
31:07comes want to make the case that you actually have top-level products and
31:10services you want to do it now you want to start building your reputation now
31:14you know you can you can get out there with your customers reviews put them
31:22onto your social media sites offer incentives to the employees of your
31:26company to go out and solicit these cards are reviewed and and showcased
31:31showcase them on your website shortly still in your social media do you can
31:36get that positive word out there now and then the impact of any negatives later
31:40we’ll certainly be licensed terrific thanks Tony
31:44so a lot of our car clients that we work with have trouble kind of doing this so
31:48hot where do you go about getting these great reviews and luckily this in
31:52technology innovation processes to help and tony mentioned some some programs to
31:57do that we have a really strong process and program to help people do this so
32:02we’ve actually develop the technology we help companies get reviews whether
32:07guests our customers on site or if they do more business online there’s an email
32:13component so really helps protect against trolls improve search rankings
32:18to Baltimore testimonials and drive revenue supporting everything we talked
32:22about today
32:22together in in one piece so I’m gonna outline clip art each step process for
32:29how to do this and you can use many of these tools and strategies and your
32:33business in the sexually something that we license too so it’s something that
32:37intrigues you its low-cost tool that offers but basically what we try to do
32:43is ask people right up front how do they feel about your service how do you feel
32:48about your restaurant how do they feel about the job that you performed how
32:51they feel about your product or service we asked them and this is done on site
32:56it’s done through an email
32:58whatever works best for your customer base and basically what we do is just
33:03qualified people so we ask them on a scale of one to 10 02 10 I’m sorry I
33:08would you rate us and give us a short overview about your experience and this
33:14just two things helps you benchmark your service and hopes you define areas in
33:18which you can improve it also helps you click testimonials so once we know that
33:25somebody had a great experience we want to encourage them to every view so in
33:29that last up we could qualify them
33:32eight nine or ten deemed promoters there somebody that might actively go out
33:37there and tell other people about how great you are so then we encourage them
33:41to leave a review on a side that is relevant to your business so we
33:45integrate with over 50 top preview platforms out there so we can drive
33:49traffic to whatever review site is most relevant business of but again we’re
33:54only driving people there that have already said they had a great experience
33:57with your business so increases the likelihood that somebody’s gonna be
34:01positive review on the flip side never great experience we want to catch them
34:07before they go out in become a troll before they go out and even negative
34:11review that can really impact your business negatively so those people that
34:17left a rating that was either average or below-average again as tony mentioned we
34:22thank them for their feedback it we give them an opportunity to give us more
34:26information about how we can improve here this helps protect against bad
34:31reviews because we’re catching them before they go on to believe that bad
34:35we’re giving on the forum to voice their concern and let them know that this
34:39concerns directly going to upper management said they’re being heard and
34:43they don’t feel the need to go tell 500 of their closest friends how much you
34:48stink alright then the next thing in in 20 mention this earlier it’s really
34:54important to listen so part of the system integrates real-time feedback so
34:59when somebody does need that feat that does reading you get that and we also
35:03collect testimonial when somebody is out there leaving a review on Google or
35:09Facebook you get notified of that whether it comes to our system as
35:13positive review or whether it’s somebody that went on on their own and left a
35:17negative review you get notified of that that you can take action right away so
35:22when that interaction happens you can go on to helping you can respond and see
35:27something sorry your experience but thanks for sharing this here’s what
35:31we’ve done to address the situation so great way to stay on top of things we
35:36also looked integrate these great ratings into your website so before come
35:41before somebody chooses to do business with you though often look at your
35:45website online and look at your menu they look at what past customers are
35:49pests patients or past guests have said about you or your business and we want
35:54to hold all those great testimonials that would gather on line and the
35:58testimonial which it does that automatically only showcased not too bad
36:02and then and then lastly to stay on top of things we private report so you get
36:08detailed report on the number of people that we’ve requested the back from how
36:13many people responded back request how many people completed it how many people
36:19left and all manner of you down in the bottom you see how many negative reviews
36:23that we’ve saved so in this case in this month though one negative review for
36:28showing up online so pretty powerful reports show you how things are going
36:33a question and get all the time in in one that we wanted to cover real quickly
36:38here is what review sites are important so we mentioned that there’s hundreds of
36:42review sites networks out there for a wide range of industries here
36:47general overview and I’m not gonna go through each of the East but we tried to
36:50break this down by some some popular industries here and show you which type
36:56of recent review so too should focus on if you haven’t had a chance to look at
37:01all these I will make sure that this presentation in this light specifically
37:04is available and I’ll share my contact information here where you can request a
37:08sort of wrap things up before a Q&A section Tony there were just a few weeks
37:15case studies and I know where overtime here Smith who can breeze through some
37:19of these and just share some some experience yeah I think you know we’ve
37:24seen really nice success stories so far with the Parker system won the local
37:32Indian restaurant called stories just some of the activity of had done in
37:38about three months we’ve been 56 additional showcase to have been
37:44available for showcasing on their site five star reviews on Tripadvisor Yelp
37:50Facebook really more importantly you can see I’m TripAdvisor for for instance
37:55they went from the number 111 ranked number 90 moving up to rank into the top
38:0210 which is really the key there is only about three months is really a great I
38:07product reviews and what they can do for your business moving forward another
38:15customer mind body flow yoga in less than two months we’ve got an early
38:22online reviews for them an average scored almost a perfect 5 which we
38:27showcased on their website has been 26 5 star review the overall that we’ve put
38:33on there and again this is helped help them be fat people working for a local
38:38yoga studios you know these reviews
38:42updated information and his positive information are helping them be found on
38:46Google search the internet
38:50and lastly a ride and hospitality I mean this is amazing I mean they received
38:56almost 200 additional online reviews with an average score of four point 226
39:03of immense five star reviews are showcased on their website and that just
39:08makes a strong and really effective impression on anyone coming to the say
39:12whether its clients or customers I mean talk about a first impression than what
39:17you want to see from a company that you’re thinking about doing business
39:20with you know again Scott Samuel the owner of her I did not tell him says one
39:27of the things that we touched on earlier these positive reviews to help to bury
39:31the old negative information that may have been out there and you know they
39:36haven’t put out there by those in a natural so terrific thanks Tony some
39:41powerful stuff here and if there’s one key takeaway that I want you to get from
39:46this is that you can’t sit back and wait if you sit back and wait you’re gonna
39:51let others control your online reputation if you get out in front of
39:54that you’re going to position your company your business practice your
39:58property in the best possible light one that you can control so if you’re out
40:05there in in you see that hundred people shared positives about a specific
40:09business and one or two people shared negatives those negatives are gonna be
40:13drowned out there gonna be overwhelmed by all the positives so be proactive and
40:19build a positive interaction so at this point I have had a few questions come
40:25through during the presentation I want to address those who want to encourage
40:29everybody at the time the call to use that question and you have questions
40:34shared also my contact information here please feel free to reach out to us if
40:39you’d like a copy of the slide deck if you’d like a recording of the
40:42presentation showing on buddy else if you’d like to learn more about that
40:45review system that we have waited and don’t be shy we’re happy to help and if
40:51you have specific questions about social media for business or marketing in
40:55general please give us a call we’re happy to provide some some free
40:58consulting free guidance for you
41:00a to make sure that social media in review sites and social reviews
41:04really have a positive impact for your business
41:08so let’s jump into some of the questions and in this is kind of one of the
41:13questions that they get every time we do a presentation on social media I was
41:18expecting a democratic in the first question is how do you find all the time
41:22so the question is where do I don’t have time to do all this war you recommend so
41:29first and foremost is that it doesn’t have to take a ton of time there are a
41:34lot of ways that you can automate some of your your social media marketing
41:38efforts so internally here we a lot of companies lot of our clients outsource
41:44their social media to us so we’re actually going in and actively managing
41:49this for them so that’s that’s one way so there is an expense behind that but
41:54it’s a great way to have a very strong social presence without having to do it
41:59all yourself but another way is to just look to automate things so if you have a
42:05website we’re adding articles or content or anything like that you can
42:10automatically have all that content viewed your social media outlets we use
42:14our appt USF Dr EPP great really simple easy-to-learn what you do is you connect
42:23all your social platforms so you connect your Facebook page
42:26personal Facebook account Twitter page or linkedin status you connect all those
42:33and give access in this one out and then you’ll have to share content one place
42:36to share their content automatically gets disseminated to your different
42:40social channels so real great easy way to have a strong social presence without
42:45having to devote a ton of ton of time to it
42:48another question just came in
42:52does this does does this work for b2b businesses or is it just be to see Tony
43:02this is one that one question that you get a slot so what’s your take on this
43:07whereas we’re social media and where social reviews more impactful b2c or b2b
43:11why I think the impact can be seen in both in both models for sure I mean
43:19either way he be testimonial information the review information that you put out
43:24there is gonna help your business be found and when your business is found
43:29you want it to be
43:31how did it you want people to see that there are part of the review in a
43:35positive feeling associated with your business regardless of whether or
43:40customer base is the end consumer or another business your goal it’s still
43:44going to be to learn more of your types of customers for your business so the
43:51b2b out there you know your customers are other businesses when they go to
43:57decide who they’re gonna do business with for the pier their peers reviews
44:02about their business options so my my be back to that is that it’s it’s equally
44:10important and equally effective for all models yet he even to building off that
44:16as you’re talking to me I was thinking of one of her customers are a fortune
44:19500 company and they used the platform at b2b b2c but actually be de Sao
44:26business to employee so one thing that they’re looking to do is positioned
44:30themselves as an employer of choice so they’re certain websites out there
44:34called glass door and indeed so these are a job
44:40aggregators aggregated job listings from all over but they also provide employees
44:45or potential employees candidates with access for insider about what it’s
44:50really like toward the company so some of these companies are actually looking
44:55at this as a recruitment tool so they want to hire the best and the brightest
44:59they want people to get a good feeling for their business what it’s like to
45:03for their business there using it that we too so I think there are a ton of of
45:07applications to be used across your company as a whole b2b b2c your current
45:14employee based so there’s a lot of of applications for another question that
45:20came in is what social site is most influential or where should devote my
45:26time this one is a tough one to answer and the reason I say it’s tough to
45:33answer is because it depends on your industry and depends on the type of
45:36business you are you know let’s say your your contractor you’re gonna be looking
45:42at sites like homeadvisor gonna be looking at Angie’s List you’re probably
45:47going to be looking at Facebook maybe Google state when somebody’s looking for
45:51a contractor online shop in search results so on the flip side that senior
45:56Europe physician or healthcare you can be looking on different sites like
46:00HealthGrades your financial planner you’re gonna be looking on other sites
46:05if you’re a restaurant it’s going to be yelled person motto or TripAdvisor so it
46:11really depends on on your business but I think the important thing is to look at
46:15your audience a look at where your audience resides in spent a lot of time
46:19and then planning marketing so with that said I think that brings us to the end
46:26of the questions here by all means if you do have additional questions heat
46:29input here or would like to talk to us about any marketing challenges you have
46:36or have any questions about our system our offerings please reach out you can
46:40send me an email and Brad Smith Parker dot com or we have our eight
46:44hundred-number here you can also reach out to Tony by calling that same 800
46:48number and we are happy to help I want to thank everyone for being a part of
46:52the call we had a great turnout some really really excited and hopefully
46:56you’ve taken some value out of this costs and we hope you join us for future
47:03webinar small make sure that you stay on our list and in if there’s a specific
47:06topic you’d like us to cover webinars please share that too we’d love to cover
47:11that and help in any way that we can
47:13thank you so much

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