6 Secrets for Building a Kick-Ass Email Marketing List

Trying to build your business with an email database that’s too small? Out of date? Full of invalid addresses?

It’s the equivalent of shouting into a vacuum.

Sure, the process of building a strong list takes time. And frankly, it is a bit of a pain in the a$$.

But here’s the truth: If your email marketing list is undersized, outdated, rife with errors or targeting the wrong people, it’s worse than worthless – it’s actually costing you money.

Do we have your attention now?

If you’re sending great content, the quality and size of your email list is directly proportional to the results it will deliver. So rally the troops and use these 6 tips to build a kick-a$$ email list that fuels your marketing engine:

  1. Get everyone in the habit of asking.

    Every single one of your employees is a potential resource for building your email marketing list – IF they’re properly trained, that is. Be sure everyone on your team understands why you need to grow your list, who your target audience includes, and how to politely broach the subject with potential recipients.

  2. Collect email addresses on-site.

    Buy a tablet and place it near your register or front desk. Train your front-line personnel to ask visitors to join your email list, using the tablet to input their address. If you decide to go the low-tech route and collect hand-printed addresses, be mindful of privacy issues. Offer free wi-fi access on-site when signing up for the newsletter.

  3. Use your email signature.

    Put every email you send to work as a list-builder. Add an invitation to opt into mailings right in your digital signature. And if you’ve automated the process, link directly to your landing page.

  4. Leverage networking events.

    Update your business card to include e-mail opt-in details. When you attend networking events, point out the information when you share your business card.

  5. Give something away each month.

    Design a simple monthly giveaway to entice people to sign up for your mailings. Promote it everywhere you collect addresses.

  6. Maintain your list!

    People change jobs. Change email addresses. You get the idea. Without regular maintenance, that killer email list you’ve built will degrade. Create a process for periodically reviewing and updating your list so it keeps delivering the results you need.

Once you’ve built your email marketing list, BARQAR can help you leverage it.

As a leading digital marketing agency, BARQAR helps businesses with everything from website development and online reputation management to, you guessed it, email marketing!  Learn more about our marketing services and be sure to join our email newsletter list to get access to great marketing tips and best practices:

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