How to Handle Internet Trolls

They’re deliberately provocative.

They’re hostile and ugly.

They’re vocal on review sites.

They’re “Internet trolls” – and unfortunately, they can be a huge pain in your company’s ass reputation.

When an internet troll leaves a review about your business as hideous as he is, how can you handle him?



Today, BARQAR shares the four ingredients in our magical troll-muting potion:

One cup of incentive.

Angry customer? Kill him with kindness and vow to fix the problem. Explain that you’d like the right to earn his business again, and provide a freebie to sweeten the deal.

A dash of price reduction.

If a customer is disappointed in a specific product or service you provided, offer a discount on a future purchase. Provide an opportunity for him to come back to you and have a better experience the next time around.

Two eyes of newt.

Just kidding; no reptilian eyeballs in this recipe.

One ounce of prevention.

Beat that troll to the punch! Nip negative reviews in the bud by providing an outlet for an Internet troll to air his/her grievance in a channel that comes directly to you (instead of being blasted all over the internet). Customer feedback surveys are they perfect vehicle to intercept and neutralize hostile reviewers’ comments.

Make sure you offer a survey that’s short, simple and enables every customer to voice his praise or concern. And, not too coincidentally, that’s just what we do! Experts in reputation management, BARQAR:

  • Surveys your audience – to identify promoters AND trolls.
  • Encourages positive social reviews – on the sites most critical for your business.
  • Gathers negative feedback privately – and gets internet trolls off your reputation’s back.
  • Monitors online reviews – so you always know what your customers are saying about you.

Want a free demo of our reputation management services?

Get in touch with BARQAR today.  In about 10 minutes we will show you an amazingly simple process for catching negative reviews before they hit the Internet and a great way to turn happy customers into online advocates for your business.




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