How Low is Too Low of a Rating?

(cue the Limbo Rock)

Just how low can your online ratings go…

…before you start losing customers?

Research from a variety of sources shows that the vast majority of consumers will not use a local business with a 2-star rating – and many believe that even a 3-star rating is too low! But on the plus-side, increasing from a 2-star to a 3- or 4-star rating can have a HUGE positive impact on your business.

It’s pretty simple, when you think about it. Strong reviews engender consumer trust. When potential customers go online to read reviews, they’re looking for positive signals to help them decide which business is the best choice. As we mentioned in an earlier post:

  • Online reviews build business. 90% of people report that positive ones help them assess the quality of a local business.
  • People trust online reviews. In fact, nearly 9 out of 10 trust them as much as personal recommendations!
  • Every star matters. Just a one-star increase in Yelp rating can boost your revenue by up to 9%.
  • And the best way to increase your average online rating? You guessed it – garner more positive reviews.

So don’t play limbo with your online ratings.

Take control of what customers are saying about you. BARQAR’s online reputation management services make it effortless to improve your online ratings by garnering positive reviews (and preventing negative ones).

Want to learn more? Request a free demo from BARQAR today.



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