A bad review can halt your practice’s growth.

72% of patients report that bad reviews would prevent them from choosing that practitioner.

Start building more positive reviews for your practice.

Whether you’re a family practitioner or specialist, dentist or other healthcare practitioner, online reviews are essential to success.  BARQAR makes getting online reviews for your practice easier.  Here’s how:


Step 1:

Survey your patients.

Using a simple survey based on the net promoter methodology, we qualify your patients based on their experience.  Patients can be invited to complete the survey on a mobile-friendly app at the end of their visit, by being provided with a direct link, or through our tablet-friendly kiosk app.


Step 2:

Encourage positive online reviews.

Patients that rate your care highly are encouraged to leave a testimonial and an online review.  We include the world’s most influential review sites. From Google to HealthGrades, Vitals to RateMDs.com, we customize the platform to meet your practice’s goals.


Step 3:

Limit negative reviews.

Negative reviews can negatively impact your patient census. For patients that didn’t leave a good rating, we encourage them to leave private feedback on a form only you see (dramatically decreasing the likelihood they will leave a negative public review).  You can then use this helpful feedback to improve your practice.


Step 4:

Highlight satisfied customers & improve search rankings.

Through our SEO-enhanced testimonial widget, you can display up-to-the-minute positive customer feedback on your website and give your company a boost in search rankings.  (Learn more about how online reviews impact search results.)